Oh look, it is a new photo of womanizing alcoholic Don Draper at his desk at Dunder Mifflin Advertising Company in the year 1904 or whatever. So handsome. Such a bad person. You love him so much. In addition to being the marketing genius who sweatily stole that popsicles tag-line from that nice Jewish boy, he’s also the first person on his block to have an iPhone. WOMP WOMP! This is like that part in the movie The Ten Commandments when Moses holds up the stone tablets and his robe sleeve slides down and he is wearing a wrist watch. Except that that happens in the movie, and this is just a behind-the-scenes photo. I don’t THINK Don Draper will be using an iPhone in the upcoming season, but what do I know? I suppose only time will tell. A fun game to play though for this week’s caption contest is imagining who Don Draper is texting and what it says. Probably just a random series of emoji followed by a dick pic, yes, but what are some other ideas?

Winner will receive special placement in this week’s Monsters’ Ball. Zoobie zoobie zoo! (Image via Vulture.)

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  1. And you thought it dropped calls in 2012…

  2. “Peggy, please come back.”

  3. Hey Roger I just found you on Grindr

  4. How crazy would his Instagram photos be?

  5. “FIRST!!!!”

  6. “Who is Bobbi Barrett and why does she want to friend me?”

  7. Man, these Galaxy III ads are going for the jugular.

  8. “Siri, is that raiiin?” “Good. Let’s get Pizza House delivered.”

  9. RT @lanepryce Just hanging around.

  10. Marketing problems, Mr. Heisenberg? I think I can help.

  11. “Telephone – it’s delicate, but potent. Teddy told me that in Greek, “tele phonos” literally means “the telephone.” It’s a buzz in your pocket far more powerful than a fly. This device isn’t a telephone, it’s an abacus. You can slide your thumb backwards, and forwards… it takes us to a place where we ache to go again. It’s not called the iPhone, it’s called the Calculator. It let’s us add and subtract numbers the way a child does – with our fingers, all grimy and greasy, to reach a sum that lets us know we are loved. “

  12. “Don Draper, sexting.”

  13. “Chaough said he’s in my rear-view mirror. Well, guess what? I’m gonna make a left turn – right off a cliff. Apple Maps tells me that’s a shortcut to the office anyways.”

  14. martini, martini, cigarette, olden times

  15. Here’s my caption: Fuck Apple.

  16. “Sally I don’t know what these little pictures mean.”

  17. he’s friending people just so he can look at their photos and then immediately unfriending them. guarantee it.

  18. Can we talk about that ghost floating outside his window?

  19. He is getting a 45 year head start on the iOS 6 update and it still took forever to download! Zing!

  20. @davidduchovny “What part of ‘permanently 86d from our set’ do you not understand?” #sexaddict

  21. he does know that there is a beautiful city right behind him, right?

  22. I had a dream the other week that the new season of Mad Men changed the time period to the 80s without any explanation. Don had a huge proto cell phone that he lugged around in a brief case. Everyone drove triangularic Corollas. It was awesome.

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