Have you ever wanted to see what really happened to former Top Chef contestants after they left the show? I mean not really really since they’re still acting out for the cameras and building in heightened dramatic stakes. I guess the question is have you ever wanted to just see them complaining instead of cooking? Soon you can!

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  1. Ooo .. can we check in on them every seven years?

  2. I hope Gabe will continue recaps of Top Chef. Of all the awful shows I watch, I think this is going to be the one that I quit watching. But of course I would still read the recaps.

    • Every time I watch Top Chef or TC Master with my fiancee, and they go to Whole Foods, I say shop shop shop cook cook cook and get a laugh. (And she knows where I got it from; I’m not trying to pawn it off as some funny little thing I made up.)

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