On last night’s episode, Ted found out that Lily has been purposely sabotaging his relationships for years. This is funny, because Lily is supposed to be nice, but it’s also funny because the scene where Ted learns this turns into a parody of one of the greatest Tom Cruise/Jack Nicholson movies of all time, all references to which and parodies of will never EVER get old. Two other references that will never get old: nerds waiting in line for Star Wars movies, and the band Creed sucking. All three are together in this one short clip!

(Some setup is needed: the characters are sitting around in their pajamas because they’re supposed to be watching their friend Robin anchoring a very early morning news show. So that’s what that is in the background that they’re ignoring.)

Later in the show, Barney and Marshall fly over the city at night in their pajamas — a Big Lebowski reference, of course:

So basically, if there’s a joke that was funny in the ’90s that is still funny today, this show has it. (Reminder: you can now watch the full episode on

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  1. Im Dumb  |   Posted on Mar 17th, 2009 0

    At the risk of sounding stupid. What was the song playing while Marshall and Barney were flying?

    • If it’s the same as the Big Lebowski, I *think* it’s the Man in Me by Dylan.

      This is a from-memory shot in the dark, so, grain of salt etc.

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  3. Correct Jon Ham!!! Man in Me by Dylan. From his New Morning album.

  4. Such a fantastic episode. I was dying during that scene you posted.

  5. This episode ended with a really sweet and poignant Ted/Robin ending, proving that HIMYM (like Scrubs) is really great at pulling off both humor and pathos.

  6. edc  |   Posted on Mar 19th, 2009 0

    yeah, cuz the jokes on this site are all fresh as a Georgia peach.

  7. So I know I’m late to the party, but the Big Lebowski reference made me have an awesomegasm. In my pants.

  8. PS Shouldn’t “old man on the porch Ted” be Bob Saget? Just saying.

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