Can’t even think about anything else today. What else even is there? Nothing. Just this. Forever and ever. Maybe they’ll host together? They are equally comfortable in front of the camera. Comedy gold. America gets what America wants. Super MacFarlane Me. #MacFarlaneDad4Oscars

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  1. Man, this is worse than that time that Gabe told us Seth Macfarlane would be hosting the Oscars!

  2. Between the botox, the make up, and the hair dye, he looks like he stepped right out of one of his animated shows.

    • That face he’s making makes me think he’s gonna say something racist (from what experience I have with those shows, the main characters make that face just before doing that).

  3. Getting used swimming trunks is better than Seth MacFarlane hosting the Oscars. I feel like I didn’t need to say that as it is surely implied, but you know… just saying.

  4. I can’t wait for The Master musical number.

  5. The thing about Seth McFarlane is that he looks like a grown-up former child star but he’s not.

  6. I can’t wait for three separate Ryan Lochte imitations.

  7. Seriously, you guys. I don’t think you’re ready for the amount of crooning that is about to be unleashed.

  8. ugh, this better be good.

  9. I keep seeing an ad at the top of the page that says “Do you know what Skittling is? Your teen might…”

    I don’t know what Skittling is. I don’t have a teen. Can someone with a teen or is near a teen or is a teen tell me what it is????

  10. Gabe’s jealous… Jealous agaiiiin [insert rest of song here]

  11. He was good on SNL and all, but I’m really hoping ALF will host (not that I’ll watch).

  12. ‘You know what really grinds my gears? Seth MacFarlane doing the Oscars’ – Gabe

  13. His dad is a Muppet, right?

  14. The worst thing about this is that it makes Patrice O’Neil appear wrong.

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