• Sesame Street did an online parody of Boardwalk Empire, titled Birdwalk Empire, and it is, as all online Sesame Street parodies of things are, very charming. -AVClub
  • Hey, did any of you guys like Pushing Daisies? I’m almost positive that the answer is yes, and if you are saying yes in your head right now I have some NEWS! Kind of! And the news is that it might be coming back, except only on Broadway! -TheDailyWhat
  • Someone over at Mental Floss took a self-guided The Office themed tour of Scranton, PA, and it is very weird to see because I grew up in Scranton, PA and all of these places are totally terrible and gross IRL and I’m sorry that this person went to them! (Especially Poor Richards Pub!) (100% just a weird, dark room in the back of a bowling alley.) -MentalFloss
  • Bob Odenkirk has a new piece up in the New Yorker blog’s “Shouts and Murmurs” section (unless it is also in the print edition this week? I am not sure!) and you should read it. -NewYorker
  • T-Boz is getting a reality show on TLC, no duh. -TMZ
  • For real, why isn’t anyone taking care of Lindsay Lohan? Isn’t there at least some way that someone can convince themselves they will make more money if they take care of her, and then try to take care of her? Anybody?! -Dlisted
  • I haven’t seen the Master yet because all of my priorities are out of line, but here’s something about it: Can you really make moonshine from paint thinner? I don’t know! I’m not going to read it! -FilmDrunk
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  1. The best thing about Pushing Daisies (and all of Bryan Fuller’s work) is the visuals. Not sure that can be reproduced in a live setting.

    • I’m not sure I totally agree. The best part of Broadway is actually the giant visual spectacles it can produce. I think it’s reasonable to assume they can create something visually dazzling and reminiscent of the show.

  2. Lindsay Lohan and Julian Assange should buy an island somewhere to try and solve all most of their problems.

  3. It makes me nervous that that girl from Mental Floss actually went in to Poor Richards Pub. I hope she had security.

  4. Birdwalk Empire is awesome! They should introduce Richard Sparrow.

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