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  1. Further proof that this guy and his humor have never been “subversive.”

  2. Is he the least respected Oscars host in the history of Oscars hosts? Probably, right? I don’t have the energy to get mad about this, but it’s worth being annoyed, I think.

  3. Hey, it’s our old pal, legendary sketch comedian and crooner Seth Macfarlane! Over/under on how many lady presenters are introduced by Quagmire? Hahahaha, great jokes ahead.

  4. Glad to see they’ve started to class the ceremony up a bit after last year’s Brett Ratner controversy.

  5. In other news, SNL announced that Bruno Mars will be hosting AND performing on October 20.

    In related news, I will not be watching Saturday Night Live on October 20.

  6. ” On your mark, get SETH, go”
    - Pun4all ; A soon to be removed bad pun generator app.


  8. I hope you guys like a side of “hey remember how i’m the voices for family guy” with your Holocaust drama presentations.

  9. And I was ever so hoping that this would be Krispy Kreme’s time to shine

  10. Ugh, this is worse than that one time William C. deMille hosted.

  11. Will Ted be nominated for an Oscar?

  12. Such dreadful news. Really thought they had turned a corner with James Franco and Anne Hathaway. Back to the drawing board, Oscar! Seriously though, for shame. For shame.

  13. My illiterate 19-year-old cousin is going to be so excited!! LOL, indeed.

  14. Hey let’s face it guys, he’s the closest to a young Billy Crystal we’ve got. And by a young Billy Crystal I mean a middle aged showtune-wielding frozen-smiled dinosaur. It’s really a no brainer when you think about it. PLUS the voices you guys.

  15. But he doesn’t believe in God?! Have we ever had a movie awards show host who was an open atheist?

  16. Remember when we were all shocked because he was a good SNL host? If I cared about the Oscars my fngers would be crossed for a repeat

    • I agree. If I were going to watch the Oscars, I’d be kind of happy about this. But it’s an award show so the only way I’ll be watching is if someone straps me to a chair and clamps my eyelids open.

  17. It’s mere coincidence that this is the inaugural year for ‘Best Non-Sequitur’

  18. Can someone please tell me why he is having “a moment” right now? Because he released an album like 4 months ago? Because Ted was a moderate hit? Why is Hollywood all of a sudden like, “Oh this guy! This guy who’s been around for a billion years with his 3 terrible TV shows! He can sing? He played a raunchy teddy bear? Awesome! Here, please host all the things.”

    • Unfortunately Ted has quietly made like literally half a billion dollars worldwide, making back the production budget by an order of magnitude. He is Hollywood’s golden child du jour, as sad as that may be for some of us.

    • You can buy publicity in Hollywood. He’s rich and he’s purchasing it.

    • That Saturday Night Live gig went over like gangbusters, apparently.

    • I think they’re just running out of notable mainstream comedians. They’ve already run through all the late night talk show hosts and they don’t want to get Ricky Gervais to an awards show for the 9th time so now they’re reaching into animation.

  19. Oh, man. This is worse than the time Tootie had to hitchhike to New York to go see a Jermaine Jackson concert on The Facts of Life.

    • But it’s not as bad as the time Rerun was forced by the bootlegger to hide that giant tape recorder in his coat and record the Doobie Brothers concert (even though the only sound the mike picked up was Rerun eating popcorn the entire time!

    • Anybody else waiting for Blair’s cousin Geri to show up on Survivor?

  20. Good lord. There is going to be SO MUCH crooning!

  21. I’m excited for all the blow job jokes.

  22. Everyone in my office thinks he’s a great choice and love him, so I’m currently looking for a new job.

  23. i think it’ll be alright. just as long as he doesnt sing or do any funny voices.

  24. This ruins what has been, up til now, an awesome, totally watchable, relevant event.

  25. Any other past events where Seth MacFarlane was the host?

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