Megyn Kelly, the Fox News anchor whose face and demeanor are as irritating on a visceral level as the thought of licking a dry popsicle stick, is super excited today because she just realized that the fictionalized outraged anchor in Britney Spears’s “If You Seek Amy” video is directly quoting from her own freakout about the song back in January. Megyn chalks it up to Britney being a “fan” of her show, but she should probably get over herself. That’s not it. And in a “surprise” turnaround, Megyn invites Britney onto her show, which is also not going to happen.

Wait, I thought Megyn Kelly was defending our children against this song, but now she’s all blushing and excited that whoever writes Britney Spears’s videos saw her dumb freakout on the internet that week everyone was making fun of it? What a starF-U-C-K-er.

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  1. hlebtastic  |   Posted on Mar 17th, 2009 0

    apparently spelling out fuck is x rated.

  2. don’t flatter yourself Megz, Britney has no idea what the hell is going on. she’s not even sure what the song’s really about yet

  3. It would take a lot more evidence than that to convince me that Britney’s ever watched any sort of news program in her life.

  4. Rob  |   Posted on Mar 17th, 2009 +2

    I love how she makes the “Parent’s Television Council” sound important, when in fact they’re not.

  5. Bring back Victoria Jackson!

  6. screen shot says it all: “Cat Fight!” under a blond with a low cut top. this is the most-watched American news channel across the globe! explains things, don’t it?

    • Exactly. That’s Fox News for you.
      Hey boyyyys, us “sexy” (note quotations) blonde girls are going to attack each other for your pleasure! Rawwwr. Respect me!

    • HAHAHA, YOU WIN! But seriously, she’s talking about stuff being offensive then they label the segment “Cat Fight?” Whats wrong with this picture?

  7. There’s something about her that makes me want to put her face through a paper shredder.

  8. sol  |   Posted on Mar 17th, 2009 +2

    haha, they bleeped “seek” but that see you next tuesday* spelled “f-u-c-k” 15 seconds later.

    *doesn’t make any sense, DOES IT?!

  9. OMG, OMG, OMG you guys. I totally got spoofed in the new Britney video!

    Wait…. what’s with that hair? That bitch! I’ll claw her eyes out… Fox-style!

  10. I can only imagine the level of discourse that would occur should those two ever be in the same room together.

  11. Lynn  |   Posted on Mar 22nd, 2009 -2

    Megyn is a classy and gorgeous lady. That’s more then can be said about a degenerate named Britney Spears. I know this is the bash Megyn Kelly Club. If that’s what turns you on, enjoy yourselves.

  12. Lynn  |   Posted on Mar 23rd, 2009 -2

    For someone to say something about a beautiful lady like Megyn like you just did makes me come to one conclusion. Your brains must have already gone through that shredder. It’s one thing not to like someone. It’s another thing to make assanine comments like that!!!

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