Last week we were treated to a video of a man in a glass box, willingly covered in bees, playing clarinet. It was as if the video had been specifically designed to agitate a number of our (my) insect-based fears, and at that point it seemed like perhaps there would never be another video that could top it in how much we hated it so much. But, yet again, the world has proved itself to be a never-ending vampire pit of horrible nightmares that play to our very specific fears and dislikes. This morning I’d like (hate) to present you with the worst idea for a public (“public” in a somewhat looser sense, since there were only two people involved, but “public” because it was designed and filmed to show people) marriage proposal that we have ever, and hopefully will ever, see in our life. (Though only because this isn’t a video.) Let’s get this over with.

Awful. Learn when to say “no,” ladies. Learn when to say “yes” while you’re in the air, so you don’t get into an air accident FOR REAL, and then “no” immediately when you’ve been returned to safety. (“In descent proposal” is not bad, though.) (I do have to admit that.) (Via Neatorama.)

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  1. It’s not his fault because she asked for a “plain” wedding proposal, but he was off learning to fly when he should have been learning homophones.


  3. I refuse to be outdone. I’m gonna propose to someone while watching Gummo.

  4. I refuse to be outdone. I’m gonna propose to someone while watching Gummo.

  5. HAHA We’re gonna crash, will you marry me? Yes, I’ll do anything to get on solid ground again. Do these guys scare them into marriage? Jay-sus.

  6. Love means never having to say you’re scary.

  7. I don’t like this trend of people prank proposing in life-or-death circumstances.

  8. I feel like, “Oh, by the way, this was a hidden camera” might factor into their relationship more than once.

  9. the plane, it’s like a metaphor for their relationship, if she says no they are going to crash and burn?

  10. i actually know this girl. friend of a friend.

    • Do you know why she’s marrying a Nazi soldier?

      • but seriously, his jawline is very scary to me.

      • he’s got the emotionally manipulative mechanics of film-making down. maybe we should be worried?

        • Is she the insane control-freak trixie that she appears to be? Her body language was giving me Lincoln Park PTSD.

          • I was impressed by how calm she remained during the emergency, although she is all dressed up and tweezed like it’s Christmas. This worries me about her in non-emergency situations. She’s not the kind of girlfriend/wife who’s ever going to say, “Tonight, let’s just watch the worst shows we can find and kill that pound of bacon that’s been in the fridge forever.”

          • Hahahaha. I wonder how many hours on the elliptical a piece of bacon is, let alone a pound. Nice try, hotspur. Now let’s go pick out forks at CB2!!

          • But… but… we don’t need forks for bacon, and each of us is only going to eat half a pound.

            Also we spent all day Saturday looking at drape swatches for the solarium, and you wouldn’t let me have any bacon when we met your mom for brunch on Sunday. I just want to be the one who picks our activity for once. Remember how much fun you had when I was flying us?

          • Do you want to NOT HAVE FORKS? This is a partnership. NOW DO WHAT I SAY AND BRING ME MORE CHAMPAGNE.

  11. “Well, you got me, haha…” and you also managed to get that ‘going- to- the- bathroom- in- front- of- your partner’ awkward moment out of the way too.

  12. Well, this replaces the shotgun wedding in terrible life-commitment ceremonies.

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