It’s Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday. Everybody something Friday. (Via RobertPopper.)

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  1. Coffee, please.

  2. I’ll do whatever you want me to just as long as I can be with you

    If that is the case, can you stop singing? I’m trying to drink my tea in peace.

  3. This really has little to do with anything, but this raccoon makeup thing that is obviously exaggerated on our new girlfriend has just got to stop. It looks terrible. And it looks especially terrible if a woman has super blonde or white hair. I think LC started it. It’s just gross. Claire Danes did it at the Emmys and a ton of women I know do it often when they think it’s dress up time and it drives me bananas. Lay off the eyeliner, ladies.

  4. why do people do things like this?

  5. it’s about time someone put their profile into song form

  6. “Your Aunt Lisa seems to have really started turning things around since the divorce. Did you see her new video on Facebook?” – your mom

  7. Baby Spice is all growns up.

  8. Well, if loving coffee is lame, then I guess she’s just a big lame.

  9. We can’t all be “The Coolest.”

  10. The mammoth bedazzled crufix that is dangling from her neck contrasted with her desperate mewing for man meat is really unsettling.
    Seems to me that females desiring freedom from monogamy and those sentiments should become more empowered as they age and not end up like this.
    Anyway would have preffered if this video had something to do with Tea Party politics or anything other than experimental, atonal bargain-bin cougar pop.

  11. Why did my Linda Hogan google alert not go off so I could make a Linda Hogan joke about this???

  12. This is way past the relevance for this post, but I totally recognize this as being filmed in Southlake, Texas in this shopping center (there’s an Apple Store there, so I used to go there a lot).,-97.129014&spn=0.005213,0.009645&t=w&z=17&lci=com.panoramio.all

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