This video has been going around the ‘net a little bit lately, but I hadn’t actually watched it until this morning, because it is finally Friday morning and that is the day one should reserve for watching videos with titles like “Worst Movie Death Scene Ever.” And the wait was worth it! IT IS A BAD DEATH SCENE! Very bad and also very loud with a prolonged unpleasant type of noise that makes you uncomfortable to watch when you know other people can hear what you’re watching. Exactly as advertised. Now we’re in that #Friday mood. LET’S KEEP GOING WITH THIS DAY! (Via BlameItOn.)

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  1. That was a delight. As is the Friday/Pumpkin Dance Mashup!

    It’s a Friday Miracle!

  2. Oh, THAT kind of “worst.” I was thinking of a different sort of “worst” death scene:

    And let me tell you, that did NOT put me in a Friday mood.


  4. And thus, the tragic tale of Mr. Bean came to a ghastly end.

  5. I got a paper cut last night and i, too, experienced the terrible pains of delayed bleeding.

  6. I also feel that Pee Wee’s death in the Original Buffy the Vampire Slayer should be remembered for it’s place in the canon of amazing deaths on celluloid.

  7. In what conceivable way is this not the BEST death scene ever?

  8. I love this. Reminded me of the beginning of Naked Gun

  9. I would like to present this death scene for the most awesome of all-time.

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