Other very real for real no joke hashtags used by Nancy Grace on Twitter: #CradleRobbingKiller #PregMomRunOver #BabyInDryer #WasItTheHubby #MiniGolfDeath #DeadBabyInCar #CoffeeMugMurder #CreepySexDiariesPart2 #LindsayLohan #PregnantMomMystery #MurderBeforeDivorce #HotCupOfPoison. Add her to your MySpace Top 8 today!

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  1. I’m literally laughing so hard I had to go to the bathroom to let it (the laugh) out.

  2. Are we sure those hashtags aren’t, in fact, the new fall lineup on CBS?

  3. It’s always surprising to me that someone whose sole position on things is supposed to be “I hate baby-murders and kidnappers and rapists,” can still be so damn unlikable. That is literally the easiest possible thing to believe and still be liked. Nancy Grace is truly a special brand of horrible.

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  5. new one is more amazinger:

    Those 2 children were left w/these 2 she-bitches from hell #TooFatToKill

  6. Was #CreepySexDiariesPart2 the working title for the second season of American Horror Story?

  7. My beat is not a juicy. #SomeGuyDidn’tHoldTheElevator #StolenPen? #DecafInTheRegular

  8. How depressing and insane is her life? Everywhere she turns, innocent children are being slaughtered by white trash monsters. What a dystopian nightmare. She must think that Judge Dredd movie is a documentary. I’m surprised her show isn’t just her screaming unintelligible pleas of nonsense at the camera. Oh, wait.

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