Hahahahahahahahhahaha. Cool costume! The thing I like most about this costume — which is very hard to say because I like everything about this costume SO MUCH — is that it is “one size fits most,” which I cannot imagine is possibly true in any world. I can hardly imagine that this fits anyone, let alone “MOST.” Will it fit me, Target? I don’t even have a penis, let alone one that you’ll be able to see through the plastic so clearly that I can’t even believe it made it onto the Target website, but WILL IT STILL FIT ME? Obviously, though, this is a very good Halloween costume if it does end up fitting you. Be the belle of your Halloween party. Buy two of them and have your couples costume be “American Horror Story Rubber Men.” Buy it and then wear a Holly Golightly costume over it and be Breakfast at Tiffany’s Rubber Man. The nice thing about it is that, once everyone forgets you wore it for Halloween, you’ll be able to wear it casually! (Via WarmingGlow, Target.)

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  1. If this were a caption contest, the only correct answer would be “exhibit A.”

  2. I can’t tell if he’s doing the “come at me, bro” or just doesn’t know what to do with his hands.

  3. Hallowiener.

  4. Yet my line of officially licensed Pulp Fiction Gimp costumes are “inappropriate”.

  5. I found an even better complement for a couple’s costume:

    This year’s theme is “Costumes that are as uncomfortable for the person wearing them as they are for everyone else.”

    • You’ve just inspired me to dress as Gold Surprise this year.

    • I can see that man’s entire anatomy. I know where his belly button is and exactly how long/what shape his penis is and that he still has both his balls. It’s kind of interesting in a “catalogue shopping for a mate” sort of way, but that’s an awful lot of information to have about a stranger.

  6. “I really hope we get the Rubber Man costume at our wedding (or baby) shower!” – some couple that added this to their registry

  7. Of course I had to go to the Target site and read the text of the single 4-star review, and of course it’s from “Gimp”:

    “Surprised my wife one day after work and hiding in the covers. Quality was good, easy to get into and breathed well. Only suggestion would be adding loops and hooks for attachments. “

  8. Nothing says good, old-fashioned Halloween fun like dressing as a famous TV ghost rapist.

  9. Good old-fashioned American ingenuity on the part of Target here. Adult Pleasures store down the street holds a going out of business sale, and some Target VP happens to be strolling by…

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