NOOOOOOOOOOO! I know sometimes you watch other people do something totally dangerous and unnecessary and they pull it off and you think, “Well, that looked like fun and they didn’t get hurt, so why not give it a shot!” (“If Bucky Lasek can do a 680°, why can’t I?”) But please just trust me that if you do this thing where you strap yourself to an excavator and have it flip you around a yard full of rocks and, I’m sure, broken glass, YOU WILL GET INJURED AND THEN DIE. Life isn’t this fun! Life is scary. Do not do this. Ok. Good talk! Have a good, safe day! (Via reddit.)

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  1. Don’t hate me Kelly, but I really want to do this. I would NEVER do this, but I’d really want to.

  2. Boys are weird.

    • And girls who want to do this. They are also weird. Whatever happened to the crushing fear of death? Back in my day, parents made sure to reiterate that LITERALLY EVERYTHING IN THE WORLD was trying to kill you, and I’m just fine!! I mean, aside from never leaving the house, and accusing everyone within a three feet radius of being a murdery murderer full of murder.

  3. The really scary part is that I don’t get the impression they actually measured this out first. Like, they figured he wasn’t going to get smashed against that wall, but they didn’t know he wasn’t going to get smashed against that wall.

  4. ” this is getting out of hand ” – The inventor of wedgies

  5. God, Kelly, you don’t want us to have ANY fun! This is why you never get invited to my parties.

  6. This looks insanely fun. Also why did they cut right before he threw up all over everything?

  7. This is like a biblical Transformers, where the Excavator is David, and that guy is the rock in the slingshot.

  8. So this is better than Playland 2, but how does it stack up against the original Playland?

  9. “Oh no! Our superiority complex over Americans! Gone!” – Canadians

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