Well?! Guys?! What do you think?! The new slate of fall television shows has started, so it’s time to throw those undeveloped opinions around! As anyone with a blog will tell you, pilots are very hard to get right and sometimes you need to let a show develop into what it’s actually going to be. But at the same time, most of us make up our minds pretty quickly. So what do our minds say? Have you watched the stuff? I have watched the first two episodes of Revolution, which I think is a show about how all of the electricity in the world disappears and is replaced by sarcastic comebacks? It’s so-so. I’ve also seen the pilot of Animal Practice, which has got to be the hardest anyone has worked to set up a will they won’t they relationship in the herstory of sitcoms. He’s the world’s best veterinarian at the animal hospital that she just inherited from her dead grandmother?! FIREWOOOOOORRRRRRKS! I haven’t seen a bunch of the other shows yet, but what are you going to do about it? This is America! I will watch all of the television when I good and feel like it! Some of these shows will grow into beloved treasures that we can all share, and some of them will be canceled in two weeks. The question now, though, is what do you guys think about it? (Jews, please feel free to wait until tomorrow to weigh in on the important question of what do you think of the new fall television. First: get written into the Book of Life for another year. THEN comment on Videogum.)

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  1. I like Goon! Wait…did I just rip off Seth Macfarlane???????

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  2. I’ve been surprised by how much I like ‘Go On’ and I like ‘The Mindy Project’ but I knew I would. As for dramas, so many haven’t premiered yet.
    Last night’s New Girl was great!
    Last Thursday NBC was great!
    Can’t wait for Bob’s Burgers, it’s great!

    Also The New Normal…I’m still on the fence about. It’s usually pretty funny, but also a little preachy, but still funny, know what I mean?

    • I like the New Normal enough to DVR it. I definitely see what you mean about it getting preachy, but there are at least a few laugh out loud moments per episode.

      • I hate the New Normal so much… like holy shit wow do I hate this… and then they have a 9-year-old girl do a PERFECT Little Edie and I can’t actually totally hate it. So I hate it a lot, but I really really really really love that kid doing a PERFECT Little Edie.*

        *And then the stupid message about being yourself instead of being Little Edie** brought be back to thinking UGH. JUST MAKE MORE EPISODE OF POPULAR AND US WEEKLY, BUDDY.
        **All children should impersonate Little Edie all the time.

  3. Why isn’t anyone talking about the new season of Bones?!

    • I hope you’re not joking about this because I really like Bones. So far, I’m down with this season. I’m glad that she’s not blond anymore, too. That was terrible.

      • I’m not! I have seen every episode. I know, I hated her blond hair and I love that she “washed” the wig out. She came down and her hair was mousey brown and thin again. She’s an amazing character.

        • I kept involuntarily yelling, “Bad Wig!!!” every time she came on screen. Who did they think they were fooling? That was amateur hour. Enjoying the new season well enough though.

  4. I liked the pilots of The Mindy Project and Go On so I’m going to keep on watching those. And the pilot of Animal Practice was not stellar, but I’ll keep watching just because I like Justin Kirk a lot and I hope the show ends up being good more than I actually think it will be good. But then again, the reason I kept watching New Girl after a shaky start was because I liked Max Greenfield a lot and wanted the show to be good for his sake, and that worked out great! So who knows.

  5. I will add my voice to the chorus saying Go On is my favorite new show, which surprises me but I am not going to fight it anymore.

    I am expecting to like Last Resort and Chicago Fire because the former has Scott Speedman, and the latter has hot firefighters.

    • The Last Resort pilot was decent. Andre Brauer is always great, Speedman is fine in it. Not much but setting up the premise for the whole episode. Oh, and the premise is ridiculously stupid. However, I’ll keep watching it ’cause some interesting stuff could come up we don’t see on TV. re: International Relations

  6. I am saving all of my excitement for RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars, but believe me, I am so excited for that it’s probably not healthy

  7. What, nobody’s mentioned The New Normal? So, so much better than I expected. (Spoiler Alert: I expected nothing, it sounded like a “gimmick show” to me.) It’s the best new comedy IMO.

    Go On also surprised me – The commercials for it looked horrible, and the first 15 minutes of the 1st show were meh, but then it found it’s groove.

    Revolution is just a really bad western or medieval drama mostly with modern surrounds as a gimmick. Oooh, sword fighting.

    2 new comedies that started this week I already managed to forget the names of – One with a horrible horrible laugh track.

    The Mindy Project seemed really uneven to me, but I assume the talent is there to find the groove.

  8. Keepers So Far:
    Ben & Kate
    Go On
    Last Resort (pilot on Hulu is pretty good & I heart Andre Braugher)

    On the Fence:
    Mindy Project (Pilot didn’t wow me but it has potential)
    New Normal (sorry I hate andrew ranels or whatever his name is)
    Animal Practice (loev Justin Kirk but pilot was so forced)
    Elementary (it’s so/so which means CBS viewers will LOVE it since none of them have seen Sherlock)
    arrow (I’ve seen the pilot and still couldn’t describe what the lead actor looks like he is so boring)

    Wont make it past this season:
    Mob Doctor

    Burn in Hell:
    Guys With Kids

    • You liked Ben & Kate? I thought it was terrible! I just wanted to punch Ben the entire time, and not in a fun way.

      • I really liked it but I saw it at the FOX preview party all liquored up with no commercials and right after watching Mob Doctor. So there’s that.
        I liked the chemistry between the main characters and I don’t mind the Man as a little boy trope because sadly I know a lot of them in real life.

        • Also, the main character Ben is the co-writer/oscar winner of The Descendants which makes him Jim Rash’s (the dean from community) writing partner. So he wins points for that.

        • I think that actor in particular also just bugged me in general. Also, I don’t need to see another young child character who is wise and talks like an adult. But who knows, maybe I was just bitter about it being sandwiched between the two New Girl episodes.

  9. So uh, unfortunately I have not been watching new TV. I usually do, but I haven’t. That being said, I am excited to watch a new The Soup tonight. It took me a while to get used the GLORIOUS fact that that show is not on Friday nights anymore. Everyone should watch that instead of whatever else! Unless you really like new TV shows, which GOOD FOR YOU! I’m happy for you. But I’ll stick with Joel McHale and Mankini.

  10. I saw Season 8, Episode 1 of HIMYM (‘How I Met Your Mother’), and can say with certainty that NOW is the time to come in on this show. It’s all been building up to this moment and will make perfect sense to newcomers. Finally the writers have realized their folly in splitting Barney and Robin up. Can’t wait to find out if Natalie Portman is the gossip girl.

    • Maybe it’s just me, but I feel like How I Met Your Mother jumped the shark some time last season. They started having characters act in ways that didn’t fit their character for cheap laughs, and… I kind of thought Episode 1 of this season was… horrible? Or at least nowhere near the best the show can be.

      Sorry for the negativity, and I’m glad you liked it. I’ve watched it from the beginning, and to me last season had a surprising amount of sub-par moments. I like everybody on the show. It just feels like the writers have run out of ways to stay in the “holding pattern”, it might be time to land the plane, the fuel’s getting low.

      Speaking of which: Wouldn’t it be kind of funny if they got cancelled at the end of this season without warning, which means they’d never have explained How He Met His Kids’ Mother? It’s possible. Am I being too harsh? I’ve been a fan of the show from the first episode. To me it’s wearing thin.

      Final thought: How much does Bob Saget get paid to say, “Kids… ” every 5th episode or so?

  11. Sorry I am late to this, I had a coworker in town at my home-office and had to do bloop boop bleep stuff. (It was actually very fun!!)

    I don’t like anything new so far, but I have yet to see Friday’s episode of Grimm. FYI: It’s a cool show that filmed 6 blocks away from me last night.
    I missed the scenes but met the nicest security guard ever. He was like my grandpa, if my grandpa used to train bears for movies and mall openings.


    Later, jerks.

    ard guarding things no one — literally no one, not even me — cares about. And so he told me how he used to wrangle bears for scenes in Disney movies and mall openings, train bears for other stuff… Lots of work with bears. So, if it isn’t too late, I sort of want us (any of us? some of us? me?) to watch this movie about a dog that met a bear and became friends.

    . . If you haven’t heard of it, it is a procedural drama based upon the actual horrifying (usually pre-Grimm, ironically) folk tales that covered … everything I will assume a

  12. I am seriously late to this party and doubt anyone will see this, but I just want to say that I refuse to watch the Mindy Project until I get confirmed reports that it is indeed good, and here’s why: Mindy Kaling gets a lot of praise for being one of the main writers for The Office. But does nobody want to acknowledge how forced and unfunny that show has become? She was one of the main writers for seasons 4 to infinity of The Office, and that shit was a just a downward spiral into god awful territory.

  13. I saw the “Mindy Project” and had high hopes for it, but the pilot left me a little disappointed. However, I will watch it because I think it will get better.

    Also I saw the tailend of the pilot of “The Mob Doctor” and was very glad that they *SPOLIER ALERT* killed off Michael Rapaport’s character in the first episode I’m pretty sure that show won’t make it to Halloween.
    I wanted to see Ben & Kate but feared a show centered around a man-child, Will Ferrell-like character would really grate on me.

    I am so pissed about having night classes on Thursday nights. I should do a better job of scheduling my life around the Thursday night NBC lineup.

    Also I think they showed the pilot of “Animal Practice” during the Olympics closing ceremonies instead of The Who. I got through maybe 2 minutes of it, and as soon as I saw the monkey doctor I was:

    Also, as a person who does archery but rarely has the time for it, I am sick of archery as depicted in television and films. No one knows what they’re doing, and kids eat this up and end up going to archery ranges or target practices thinking arrows are toys that won’t kill or maim people. I’ve narrowly avoided hitting small children on 2 occasions, and parents in their mind think they are as harmless as nerf arrows. Grrr.

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