The correct answer, right off the bat, before we even get into which celebrities make up each of these rumored celebrity couples is “neither.” “Neither, because I don’t and (most likely) will never know any of them, and the celebrity they date is none of my business and will not influence the thing that is my business, which is whether or not I enjoy the TV shows or Aerosmith music videos the celebrities may or may not participate in. And, to be honest, I think it’s gross and sad that we can’t allow these humans two seconds of privacy to figure out if they even want to date Stewie or Sherlock Holmes before pouncing on them while they stand next to each other, assuming they are in a relationship, and plastering the photo all over the Internet and gossip magazines. Why do we even care? What does it matter to our lives? It seems like it only hurts them (unless they are doing it as some sort of publicity stunt, in which case that is a whole other thing, but also a thing that wouldn’t be a thing if we would all just mind our own business) and provides no benefit to us. I don’t understand it.” That answer aside, though, WHICH ONE MAKES YOU MORE UPSET?! Is it Liv Tyler and Benedict Cumberbatch, or is it Seth MacFarlane and Emilia Clarke from Game of Thrones?!

Two pairs of celebrities stand next to each other. Only ONE can make you the most upset. Plz vote in our poll and tell us which one it is.

Which Rumored Celebrity Couple Makes You More Upset?

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  1. Remember the time when I really traded down? -Emilia Clarke

  2. Livenedict Cumberler is more age-appropriate than the other couple (also, did you guys know that Seth McFarlane’s middle name is Woodbury? WOODBURY!)

  3. Tangentially related: I saw Robot and Frank last night (Liv Tyler’s in the cast) and thought it was pretty good. See it if you can.

  4. Oh God, I don’t know. I find Benedict and Liv so blandly attractive I don’t really care, but while I think Seth Macfarlane is probably a terrible boyfriend I also hate The Throne Games so I don’t really care about that girl. But maybe I do because sisterhood?

    I heard tell that Charlize Theron and Eric Stonestreet are dating, so something weird is going on in Hollywood. People have started actually dating who they enjoy instead of who their publicist thinks they look good next to. It’s bigger than these two weird couples. It’s bigger than all of us.

  5. Videogum readers hate Seth Macfarlane -Norm Macdonald

  6. I am disappointed with Lividict Cumberler, but only because I got really, really attached to Facetaco’s “the Cumberbachelor” idea. That was gold, Cumberbatch! Gold!

    Although I wish you all happiness, etc., do what makes you happy, all that jazz. Just let me mourn for what could have been (i.e. The Cumberbachelor)

  7. Ugh. Seriously- look at Seth Macfarlane’s outfit. Grow up!

    Benedict looks great though.

  8. “that isn’t Emma Watson?” – a person who hasn’t seen Game of Thrones or Harry Potter*


  9. It really makes me wonder about her character when an extraordinarily beautiful woman chooses to associate with a douche like MacFarlane. But who knows, he’s probably got a really nice hi-fi system in his castle or whatever and possibly real dragon eggs.

    The only thing that truly is upsetting is that now I am reminded we will never see new episodes of GOT since they aren’t set to air until after the world ends this December.

    • It really makes me wonder about her character when an extraordinarily beautiful woman chooses to associate with a douche like MacFarlane.

      I really don’t want to start shit, but what does her beauty have to do with anything? I think it is natural that if someone is hanging out with a douche, they are placed on or near the douche watch-list, but wouldn’t you do that whether or not that person was pretty (or a lady, or anything)?

      • Yes, this logic implies that douchebags have limited their affiliations to only the pleasant to look upon.

      • Yeah, that was admittedly a shallow way to put it, sorry. It’s just that as unfair as it may be, she probably has all of the most successful/handsome men trying to court her all of the time, and yet she chose him. It would be like if Ryan Gosling started dating Lindsay Lohan, to look at it from the other side. It just sort of ruins my fantasy impression of her based solely on a cool-seeming imaginary character she portrays on a fictional television show.

  10. Livenedict Cumberler but ONLY because I hate her outfit.

  11. WAIT, Seth MacFarlane does one good episode of SNL after making years of lazy, terrible television and suddenly he’s a Videogum crush? On the level of Crash Bandersnatch?? Forget all of you guys. I’m going home and I’m taking my ball with me.

  12. Even Khal Drogo had a better sense of humor.

  13. If Bandersnatch is dating someone, I want them to be cooler than Liv Tyler. Not that she’s uncool. She’s in Empire Records, which is a pretty good movie that was made in, I believe, 1996. But he should be dating someone UNSPEAKABLY COOL.

  14. Here’s a fun daydream: Imagine Liv introducing Benedict to her dad.

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