This might be giving away a little too much about my own life, and I apologize in advance, but last week a friend of mine got a new puppy and a few days ago I went to her apartment so she could “socialize” the puppy, because up until that point he had only been around her and her boyfriend and she wanted to see how it would deal with being around other people, and OH. MY. GOODNESS. YOU GUYS. If you ever get the chance to socialize a puppy, I implore you to take whoever is giving you that chance up on that chance because it is the best. One of the sweeter tasks you could ever accomplish. So. That’s that. We have some animal videos for you today! Rather than spend any more time talking about people you don’t know and gushing about puppies you’ll never meet, let’s get to watching those videos. Huh? Perfect! They’re all good!

10. Corgi Puppy vs. Door Stop

9. Kitten Having A Nightmare

8. Another Cat Sitting On A Bench

7. Turtle Attack

6. Parrot Sings “Yo Ho (A Pirates Life for Me)”

5. Yoga Elephant

4. Cat And Ape In Diaper Hang Out

3. Dog V. Dog Stroller Race

2. Grumpy Cat

1. Chameleon “Washes Hands”

I’ll tell you, it was a pretty close call between “Grumpy Cat” and “Chameleon Washes Hands” this week. The Internet has been going crazy over both of them and, more importantly, I also love both of them. BUT! As it turns out, the chameleon “washing its hands” is just a little better. CONGRATS, CHAMELE! Dog Vs. Dog stroller race is just very good. The ape in the diaper is so freaking adorable I don’t even know what to do or say about it. And, finally, yoga elephant wins fifth place, both because it is an elephant (which generally puts it somewhere near the top five) and because it is very good at yoga, and then also because it is in a zoo, which is sad. CONGRATULATIONS, WINNERS! And congratulations to us. Another perfect week in animal videos.

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  1. Speaking of being around new cute things, I’m in the home town for a friend’s wedding and I just got back from hanging out with my best friend’s new baby and holy shit is she beauuuutiful!! Normally, I think babies are gross and pretty uniformly boring (babies just kind of look like babies, right?) but this one is a doll. And even though I’m 29 and this is not even the first of my friends to have a baby, it’s blowing my mind that he created another human being.

  2. Disney needs to hire that pirate parrot immediately!

  3. Monkeys in diapers are my exploding spiders. Grossest thing in the world.
    But yoga elephants scratching their butts with their nose? Now THAT is something I can get behind!

    • I love elephants and was very excited to see elephant yoga, but then I was worried about what it was doing with its nose. I liked how the kids asked if they could “watch it all day tomorrow” and then I really enjoyed the feeling that the Mom turned off the camera because she didn’t really know what was happening with the whole nose around the butt situation but that it was making her uncomfortable and she should probably move the kids along to another animal. I’ve had that feeling several times at the zoo. Usually around monkeys though.

    • It probably took that poor elephant hours to prop its leg up so it could get in ideal masturbation position, only to turn around and see a family gawking and filming at its most intimate moment.

  4. Cat sitting on a bench is the movie that Sophia Coppolla wants to make.

  5. Great job, Dogs! You keep riding scooters and racing and just loving your life! Because you are GREAT at it!

  6. That dog scooter race was totally unfair. The dog in the stroller on the left was like 1/4 the size of the other one!

    • Also, you know what would make it more like an actual race? Only the winning dog gets a treat. Or the dogs belong to different people, and the winner gets bragging rights.

      Otherwise it’s just some lady making two dogs do the same trick simultaneously.

  7. Is it just me or does it seem like there might be something weird with all the “Cat Sitting Upright – Seems Weird” videos? Can we stop putting them on Videogum just in case?

  8. These are great! I sent the cat on a bench, monkey on a couch, and dog racing videos around to people in my office, based on their personal animal preferences, and they were all a big hit!

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