Lil Wayne is currently involved in a lawsuit against Quincy Jones III, son of Quincy Jones, over illegal use of his music in a documentary about his life. Sure. I’m sure there are lots of sides to this remarkable case and I hope justice is served, but all we really need to know at this moment is that today we are all Lil Wayne during his deposition, while being question by Quincy Jones III’s lawyer. “I don’t know. I don’t know. I don’t know. I’m a superstar.” – All of us, right now, on this Wednesday morning, so sleepy. We know how you feel, Lil Wayne! Just kidding! We never will! But we’re all totally over everything and just want to be done, too! (Via Gawker.)

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  1. Well, he’s not incriminating himself?

  2. A friend of mine once described Lil Wayne as a crazy homeless man who happens to be able to rap, which is a very accurate description. Today we are all a crazy homeless man who happens to be able to rap.

    • Him, Adam Green, and Nick Cave* should get together and form some sort of Homeless Musician Supergroup.

      *I genuinely do not know if Nick Cave is homeless, or if he’s just a malevolent presence that does not require a home due to his ethereal nature. Either option seems equally likely.

    • *Used* to be able to rap. Now he just kinda drawls out gross metaphors about cunnilingus in autotune. This guy = Artist.

  3. Quincy Jones III is the son of Quincy Jones? Either that family is very bad at math, or there are some twisted and possibly illegal shenanigans going on there.

  4. That was so bizarre. It’s as though somewhere along the line, Lil Wayne was given the impression that the purpose of a deposition was to match wits with the lawyer.

    You can’t win a deposition, Wayne.

  5. Can someone explain to me the appeal of Lil Wayne, please? He has no redeeming qualities! He can’t really rap, considering the fact that his voice resembles a drowning cat, and he’s not particularly charismatic. What’s the deal?!

    • As a big fan of hip hop, ….I actually don’t get the appeal either? I never thought he was that talented, and his voice sounds awful. He has a respectable work ethic, but his quality of output doesn’t really hold up. His flow isn’t anything special, and the production on most of his songs is solidly of the bland southern rap variety. But I think all southern hip hop, with the notable exception of OutKast, sounds simple and cheap and I don’t get why so many people love it so much.

      • I like CunninLynguists and do NOT like Outkast (although I do respect that they’re doing something different), but otherwise I’m right there with you.

      • have you listened to big k.r.i.t.? he is my favorite southern rapper. everything he’s done is great, except for this terrible remix he did with ludacris on one of his tracks. ludacris is the worst, and i blame his stupid mediocrity for tainting a lot of southern rap.

        • I forgot about him actually. I was absolutely obsessed with R4 Theme Song for a while last year, but did not love the entirety of Return of 4eva. He is good though, and I think once he matures more as an artist he will be putting out consistently quality work.

        • I am not really a connoiseur of regional rap varieties, but even I can tell Ludacris is the worst. I have enjoyed some of Lil Wayne’s output, but not because it’s been particularly skilled – just because I’ve been drunk at a club.

    • I think that some of the appeal lies in the ‘lil’ portion of his moniker. After all, it has been proven that people incorporating ‘lil’ are universally beloved.

      (WINK WINK)

    • I would actually say there was a period where he was claiming that he was the “best rapper alive” and you would not immediately laugh out loud. The early Carters, Dedications, and Drought mixtapes still hold up imo…he was even heartfelt from time to time (“La-la-la”, “Georgia Bush”)! Sorry, am I getting too Stereogum right now?

    • I don’t get the appeal of Lil Wayne’s music, not one bit. Hipsters like to say that The Carter III is like the greatest rap album of all time because of his genius flow or whatever, but it just sounds like pure nonsense to me.

      However – I would *highly* recommend watching the doc about him that he does not like, if you can get your hands on it. It’s pretty much this deposition times a million. The dude is 100% out of his mind. Just the fact that he allowed it to be shot and then somehow realized it was a bad idea is awesome in and of itself.

  6. I am little wayne today because I also don’t give a f about anything because I just found out Monroe on Grimm has a girlfriend and takes her on a picnic and probably plays cello for her and now my life has no meaning :’(

  7. Seeing LITTLE wayne make me think that I’m seeing more face tattoos around…anyone else notice this trend growing?

  8. I’m Lil Wayne today because I made vague threats to a the lawyer for no discernible reason
    Oh wait no I didn’t
    but i did drink some cough syrup

    • Syzzurp!

      The Lil’ Wayne doc is actually really entertaining. And this is coming from a guy who doesn’t really like Lil’ Wayne’s music.

  9. Gah! I meant to upvote!! I agree!! Sorry!

  10. Yeah, but to be fair, the lawyer asked “Was that you in the video we just watched”… I mean, I’d get bored if I was being asked such stupid questions.

  11. I was wondering where to cop those hot beats and, after watching this video, I’m headed to STRAIGHT AWAY.

  12. did anyone else have way too much trouble distinguishing between who was lil and who was iii?

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