• William Reiss is currently co-executive producer of a show on the Disney Channel, but he also makes celebrity caricatures and then animates them for his tumblr and they are all very good. Look at them! -IHave4Catz
  • “Tony Danza Raps About Famous People From Brooklyn” is the name of this video, and I think that is enough information to allow you to decide whether or not you want to watch this video. -LaughingSquid
  • Tina Fey has signed a four-year deal with NBCUniversal, which means she might make and maybe star in another show, and it also means that she can be behind other people making shows, or whatever, and that’s pretty good! If anyone is out there who thought maybe she’d just disappear! -Variety
  • Haha, can you believe that HBO turned down a spin-off of The Wire? David Simon can definitely believe it in this p. funny quote from an interview he did with Salon. Read it! -Uproxx
  • How I Met Your Mother might be thinking of allowing you to meet the mother sooner rather than later! If you even WANT to meet the mother at this point. Isn’t life better when it’s all just a mystery? -EW
  • Here is someone’s list of the “50 Greatest Films You’ll Only Watch Once,” one of the dumber lists I’ve ever heard of in my life. How many have you already watched more than once?! -FilmDrunk
  • Jay Baruchel is currently writing a sequel to Goon, which, I have to imagine, is good news to someone? If that someone is you, congrats! -SlashFilm
  • Madonna, everybody. -Dlisted
  • Uh, so, some of us may have had some free time last week and somehow found themselves catching up on every single episode that has aired so far of the absolutely horrible Bravo show Gallery Girls, who knows who it might be, so maybe if that person’s around they might be interested in this? -HyperVocal
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  1. Why do people insist Birth of a Nation is a good movie? As a film student forced to sit through it once, despite all it’s “first full-length blockbuster” and whatever, it’s not a good movie. I’m not even talking about how it’s crazy racist, I’m talking about how compared to other silent films from that era or year, it sucks. I mean, The Cheat came out in 1915, why do I have to watch this crap?


  2. Honest question: Has anybody ever gone directly from one successful TV show to another tv show that wasn’t a spinoff with any success? I know it’s been attempted, but I don’t think anybody has ever pulled it off.

  3. While we’re all here, this story has been going around this morning, and my dumb friends all seem to think I’m wrong for thinking it’s WAY to convenient to be completely true, but doesn’t it seem too convenient to be completely true? To you sensible Monsters?


    • The conversation details are for sure fake.

    • Is this guy some blogger of note or an actual writer? I’ve never heard of him before, but that literally means very very little. Also it seems strange that adults wouldn’t immediately block and report levels of criminal harassment. And that it was his friend’s teen kid is almost a little to perfect in the narrative of harassment and cyberbullying and kids these days… I’ll teach him a lesson and have a good anecdote.

      This being said, it’s pretty easy to find someone’s home address — especially if it is listed in the whois part of your domain registration. (Or if you care enough to look up the right key phrases on Alta Vista.) I helped launch a site many years ago that became the ire of some angry fundamentalist Christians. Because I was really young and it was web 1.0 times, I had my old address on my whois domain registration. The group looked up those of us on the masthead of this site and posted our addresses and phone numbers on the bbs (I think we were able to get this taken down) and encouraged people to harass the heathens or whatever. Thankfully I had moved at the time, but some of my friends got super weird mail. So… it’s definitely possible, but actually doing stuff like that takes a lot of effort compared to, say, sending harassing messages.

      I am on the fence, but I’m leaning towards this being fake and probably gay.

      • And if he’s just a guy with a blog and wants to be a blogger of note with a possible book deal, this is an excellent way to create hype and publicity and small levels of fame.

      • The “IT genius friend” is a bit glossed over, but I guess it’s possible to send a sting link over Facebook to get the IP.

        I googled him, some articles that link this call him a writer and he mentions crossword clues, but I couldn’t find any bylines. And yeah, it the fact that the culprit is an instantly apologetic teenager who is a family friend that makes me think at least some of this is bullshit. Now granted, if the kid is some kind of sociopath maybe he made himself seem apologetic, but yeah the narrative is too tidy. Too link-baity and Oprah Show-esque.

        I mean, I’ve known people who were harassed via the internet by anonymous wackies, but……

        • IPs are easy if you know how to track your audience. But yeah, I definitely think he’ll show up on the UK version of Dr. Phil or whatever to tell of his struggle.

          If only Facetaco had such courage…

    • I love it when people discuss their decision to quit Twitter as if it were a very deep and personal decision that left a trail of broken hearts.

      • Every day you do not open your twitter and post is a struggle and a teachable moment to be shared, Facetaco, believe in yourself.

    • Coincidentally, I just today re-read this essay by David Foster Wallace called Big Red Son about the porn industry and in one of the footnotes he writes about a conversation he had with former child star Scotty Schwartz from A Christmas Story and how all of Scotty’s stories placed him at the center as a sorta tragically heroic figure even if the story really didn’t have anything to do with him and how many of his stories involved Porn Magnates coming up to him and shaking his hand because they recognized in him some bruised generosity of spirit that the world at large was too callous and blind to see, hours of this stuff delivered to DFW & co. without any winking or humour or self-awareness at all.

      Maybe it’s just because I re-read that essay so recently, but that’s EXACTLY what this Traynor’s Eye thing feels like.

  4. Jay Baruchel is currently writing a sequel to Goon

    Um, it’s pronounced “Go On.”

  5. At least three of the movies on the 50 Greatest Films You’ll Only Watch Once list have had Hollywood remakes come out over the past decade or so.

  6. I like how that guy started with movies that are “tough to watch” because of graphic rape scenes/gore/etc., then switched to movies with sad endings, then just kinda threw up his hands and threw in some racism.

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