Update your records accordingly. [NOTE: Also applicable in files "Baby," "Crying Baby," "Baby Tricks," "Cute," as well as "Web, General." Thank you.] (Via BlameItOn.)

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  1. Isn’t he a little short for a stormtrooper?

  2. File this under “home video which does not belong on the internet”

  3. And if you play the prequels to grown up babies they start to cry.

  4. How did anyone raise a baby before cell phones?

    • Liquor and/or deception, mostly.

      • Actually, with deception, you don’t even need the liquor. Yesterday the wife took the dogs for a walk. All I had to do was tell the baby to go find the dogs, and I had a good 10 minutes of peace!

    • Ugh! This is funny but also, like, yeah… what happened before cell phones? I live with this guy who is in his thirties and has a 4 or 5 year-old. (To clarify, I live with three others, but this guy is the subject of my comment.) The kid literally plays with his iPad every time I see him, like books don’t exist or toys don’t matter. The dad also does not attempt to take the iPad away from him, but instead probably enjoys not having to entertain his kid, which is, like, yeah, sure! We all like a little break, but I have never seen this guy read to this kid or even watch a Disney movie with him or play with legos together. This dad just banks on the fact that a $600 purchase will create all this time for him but doesn’t realize he isn’t even raising the kid, the iPad is! Ay Carumba!

  5. To quiet crying babies, my mom would sing a song with these lyrics:
    “Today is the day we give babies away with a half a pound of tea.
    If you know any ladies who want any babies, send them right to me.”

    I think it might have been a threat.

    • Kate, when did you have your first cup of caffeinated tea?

      I always wondered the difference between the US and the UK with tea and coffee and ages that are appropriate to start. My first cup of coffee was after college because coffee, black that is, was gross and I had no need for it. Now I have two cups a day! Every day! Forever!

      • I only drink tea. My mom let me drink it as a small kid especially if I was sick, and we only had caffeinated, but she made it with mik and sugar. Kelly loves coffee and tea, and we let her have coffee since she was in high school. To me, coffee smells so good, but tastes so bitter.

  6. What a weak minded fool.

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