About a year ago, the world got word that two dudes, David Katzenberg and Seth Grahame-Smith, were writing a sequel to Beetlejuice. And then the world put that information in the back of the “Sequels & Reboots” section of their brain and allowed it to disappear gently, never purposely thinking about it again. UNTIL NOW, THAT IS! Someone asked Winona Ryder about it at a press junket and she didn’t seem excited…?!? From Flixist:

At the Frankenweenie press junket in Anaheim on Sunday, a reporter enthusiastically told Winona Ryder that she was very excited for Beetlejuice 2 and hoped that Ryder would be in the movie. Ryder had just spent the fifteen minutes prior gushing about her emotional connection to all of her roles in Burton’s movies, with a particular emphasis on Lydia. Given that, you’d think she might be pretty enthusiastic about the new movie, or at least somewhat optimistic. Instead, her response was a heavy sigh, a roll of the eyes, and a “Yeah, that would be…great.”

Tim Burton himself seemed more optimistic about the project, but was surprisingly hands-off about the whole thing. When asked about the project, he sounded somewhat uncomfortable and gave a non-answer. “Somebody’s writing a version, but I’m sort of…not making any preconceived ideas about it, and…not over-thinking something that I haven’t seen, so I’m just kind of keeping an open mind about it and seeing what comes.”

Surprisingly hands-off about a sequel that he has nothing to do with to a movie that he made 450 years ago. That guy is as weird as he seems from his mooviez! But back to the major problem: WINONA IS NOT OUTWARDLY EXCITED ABOUT THIS RANDOM SEQUEL THAT THERE ISN’T EVEN A SCRIPT FOR YET, I DON’T THINK? Noooooo! But! Lydia! I want to see how Lydia has ageeeeeeeeeddddd. How can this problem be solved? Who can take the place of Winona Ryder in this Beetlejuice sequel?! Has Lindsay Lohan gotten to old for the part? Will Mitt Romney be busy? CAN I DO IT? Guys, how will this ever be fixed?!

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  1. If they make a sequel it will almost definitely suck because the MPAA has gotten even more weirdly puritanical since the original (which it would probably have rated “R” today) and it would be comparatively tame and therefore boring [much like all of Burton's movies after Ed Wood].

  2. It won’t be any good without her; no one can steal a scene quite like she can.

  3. Not to go all fanboy, but a prequel would be better. There are some fun hints about Beetlejuice’s origin given by the woman with smoke coming out of her cut throat.

    • Even who he was before he died. Like was he a saleman or a serial killer, because either he’s been a jerk his whole life, or he’s had an eternity of being dead to hone his psychopathic services.

  4. Full Disclosure: I have been/am pretty much the biggest Winona Ryder fangirl ever. So I am not sure if I am entirely disinterested when I say ‘team winona’ here, but nevertheless: Team Winona.

  5. Speaking of reboots…

    The Game Show Network has rebooted $25,000 Pyramid. I figured some of you might be interested because they have had cast members from Community, Parks & Rec, and the Office on the new show.

  6. “Yeah, that would be…great.” – something Lydia would say. Is she already in character?

  7. this just made my Day-O

  8. As much as I loved the original, a sequel sounds horrible. There is no way I’d be able to stomach hearing tiny-head-Beetlejuice’s voice throughout the entire movie.

    I would like to see how the model of the tiny town has grown up though.

  9. We’ll see how blase Burton will be when he sees the new Beetlejuice.

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