FX is developing an hourlong project “loosely based” on Fargo, created by Noah Hawley, with the Coen Brothers executive producing. And it actually sounds like it could be good?! “Oh jeeze!” – Fargo

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  1. I am imagining a cross between the Mary Tyler Moore Show and CSI:Brainerd, and it is pretty much the funniest thing. I also now have ToolMaster of Brainerd stuck in my head. I think I am falling into a Minnesota vortex.

  2. Sponsored by Arby’s?

  3. Not to be outdone by the headlines about HBO’s Luck being sent to the glue factory, FX is hard at work preparing a show that will inevitably be cancelled, so the internet can be full of headlines about it being put into a wood chipper.

  4. Just what we needed– another cop show!

  5. I hope FX gives the Coen Bros. a FINDER’S FEE!

  6. Oh jeeze, I love Fargo. I hope this is good.

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