This image has been popping up all over the Internet today in breathless, nerd-soaked blog posts about the upcoming Wolverine movie. It is the purported FIRST LOOK at the new movie. Well, OK, what are we looking at? Hugh Jackman as Wolverine? GOT IT. Dude has been Wolverine for 100 years. The first X-Men movie came out before 9/11, and he has been in every single one since as Wolverine and also that movie about him as Wolverine to which this is a sequel. Cool first look. This is like trying to hype a trip to the grocery store by showing a picture of the deli counter. (Good metaphor.) Yeah, we know. We’re going. Relax. We never thought the deli counter wasn’t going to be there when we got to the grocery store. Out of all the things that we felt completely safe in assuming, the continued presence of the deli counter was totally up there. Not that we aren’t excited! To go to the grocery store! I guess he has a full beard now instead of just mutton chops? Haha, INCREDIBLE. The nerds are like, “when I get out of this locker that someone shoved me into, I’m going to write 45,000 words of pretty angry thoughts about this on a message board I enjoy.” That’s fine, have at it nerds! YOLO. (Image via AV Club.)

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  1. Maybe the hype is over how his claws aren’t ridiculously overdrawn like they were in the last movie, and don’t look like 3 catfish coming out of his hands.


  3. Well, it’s a much skinnier and less healthy-looking deli counter this time around. Maybe the deli counter is concerned about aging and has to work extra hard to keep that coleslaw looking fresh. And it doesn’t realize that maybe the extra hours in the vinegar is making the bean salad look a little… stringy? And people, could be just any people really, who used to be really into the deli counter’s freshly sliced havarti are like “dude, please please please for the love of mustard take a couple of days a week off from the gym and eat some pasta so we can all unclench because you’re making me a little uncomfortable here.”

  4. Is it me or does the claw fist look comically small? How far back is he holding his arm? Does it actually belong to someone standing a couple of feet behind him?

  5. i bet sylvester stallone’s arms have their own agent. i mean, don’t you think Sly himself would demand to be in this and not just his arms? or maybe its just the rest of his body that’s expendable.

  6. All I see is one big hunka man there!

  7. Maybe some of us, could be any of us, aren’t that excited about the deli counter, and never were really excited about the deli counter, because the deli counter was always pretty bland and forgettable as far as deli counters go, and are getting tired of hearing about the deli counter getting remodeled seemingly every year.

  8. True fact: Those aren’t veins, but rather extra bladders.

  9. GTL. Gym, Tan, Lacerate.

  10. “Still gay.” – Glen Danzig

  11. Is Darren Aronofsky still directing this? Because that was the only reason to give a crap about it.

  12. Weird The Master open thread,

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