You don’t necessarily need any musical accompaniment to create a solid jam — just a cool message about hot, hot dental health. Thanks, Dr. Mike! (Thanks for the tip, R2D2, Esq.)

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  1. He’s got the hand movements down.

  2. unfortunately, his compressed air gun & electric brush back beat just couldn’t make it out to the hallway. that’s how you lose your license.

  3. Killer ponytail!

  4. I am feeeeeling this!

  5. I know his intentions are good, but nobody likes being skoalded by their dentist.

  6. The girls of Alpha Delta Delta have been following this advice for years.

  7. This whole video went by and not once did he say “2 legit 2 spit”? A rare miss, Dr. Mike.

  8. I’m kind of confused. Is he talking about chewing tobacco? Because it sounds like he is talking about chewing tobacco and I did not think this was still a “thing”? Can it really be a big enough problem that a dentist is at the end of his rope, like “SOMETHING MUST BE DONE ABOUT THIS TRAVESTY OF DENTAL HYGIENE”

    • Actually, yes, chewing tobacco and snuff are still very much a thing; at least in the South! My 21 year old cousin dips. I guess I need to send him this video; he is obviously the target demo!

      • It seems to be picking up here in the north (Wisconsin) as well. I’d never seen people “chewing” in public until the last 2-3 years, but now I see it every once in a while.

        I’m guessing it has something to do with the statewide public smoking ban.

    • Certain parts of the country, I’m told.

  9. Real question: Do you guys use hot or cold water to brush your teeth?

  10. He has to be from MD. That’s a MD accent.

  11. In some parts, he seems awfully out of breath.
    He should give up the cigarettes, ‘fore they end in his death.

  12. I hate to be a curmudgeon (actually, I kinda like to be a curmudgeon) but there used to be a “Fake Rap” tag reserved for these kind of videos and I’m not seeing it. I think it’s important to cordon off these (just the slightest bit mildly racist) attempts by white people to do this crazy thing the black kids do called “rapping.”

  13. Physician, heal thy ponytail.

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