It’s Monday morning and we have a lot ahead of us. Let’s take a few moments out of beginning our busy day to watch this scene, filmed at Sardine Lake in Sierra City, California, and listen to the ice crack and make weird noises, for no other reason than that it is nice to look at and that the noises are weirder than you’d expect. Maybe it will improve your productivity later? It might! Maybe you’ll learn that you should start every day with this video and your life will change forever. You’ll never know until you try. Also: The new One Direction song begins with the same riff as The Clash’s “Should I Stay Or Should I Go.” Which one do you think came up with it first? Two big questions for your Monday morning. The thing about whether or not this video will improve your productivity for the rest of your life, and then also the thing about One Direction. Namaste. (Via ViralViral.)

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  1. Thanks for this. My neighbor’s kid in the hallway this morning was screaming “I HATE THIS DAY” at the top of his lungs, clinging to the banister and kicking and screaming his way out of the apartment building – and all I could think was – I feel you kid!


    It’s nice to remember THAT DESPITE all the crazy ass DUMB SHIT we as humans DO, the world REMAINS A pretty fucking INCREDIBLE place, y’all.

    CARPE DIEM that shit.

  3. Ice breaking on a lake sounds awfully a lot like those Star Wars dealies. You know: *Pew Pew Pew* infused with whale calls.

    If I had this as my alarm, I think my Mondays would be more tranquil.

  4. It sounds like the lake just ate some Taco Bell.

  5. This indecision’s buggin’ me.

  6. I think it’s an homage, like when The Clash used the riff from The Strokes’ Juicebox on Brand New Cadillac.

  7. One Direction:The Clash is sort of like Edward Cullen:Dracula

  8. That was very beautiful, but also kind of sounded like a monster was emerging from the depths and if it was 200 years ago and women weren’t allowed to go to school or read books and nobody knew what science was I’d file it under “terrifying” rather than “peaceful”

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