Is Joseph Gordon-Levitt ok? Did he forget his inhaler on Saturday but decided the show must go on, even if he had to remain out of breath for the duration? Why could he never catch his breath! This past weekend’s Saturday Night Live was, let’s just get right to it, pretty bad. This is possibly because the writers had to split their time between last Thursday’s Weekend Update half-hour special and this week’s sketches, or maybe it’s just because sometimes you win some and sometimes you lose some, but my goodness. The opening monologue, in an attempt to poke fun at Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s previous “Make ‘Em Laugh” opening monologue with another “famous dance scene,” the joke being (I can only guess) that it is not famous and no one cares about it anymore, featured Jo-Go doing a Magic Mike dance. But the problem is that no one has talked about Magic Mike in like two months and Channing Tatum already did a(n appropriate) Magic Mike themed monologue when he hosted and also this monologue made me very uncomfortable. “LOVE ME LOVE ME LOVE ME ARE YOU ENTERTAINED” -Joseph Gordon-Levitt. The Tres Equis commercials, which seemed as though they were meant to be the stars of the evening, didn’t work because I feel like they assumed we were totally sold on the idea of the Dos Equis mascot, which I don’t believe we are, and also just because they were kind of horrendous. But enough about the bad things, let’s talk about the almost good things!

Two sketches that could’ve taken a bit of trimming were the “My Daughter” sketch and the “Real Estate Agents” ad. If they had kept the Real Estate Agents ad to the length of last week’s “Wooden Spoons” ad, it probably would have been one of the best of the night. But instead it was one of the worst! DANG! I enjoyed Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s performance in the “My Daughter” sketch, but the joke hit immediately and failed to get any funnier throughout its millions of hours. So that was too bad.

“Undecided Voter” was great. A near-perfect combination of silliness and hinting at something political. Very good, I give it an A.

GOB Tampons was also good! Hardly a new joke, but certainly a joke that still works. Ok! WE’LL TAKE IT!

The “Hypnotist” sketch had a premise that I did like, but, unfortunately, completely lost me when it turned into something from Mad TV. Reel it in, guys! Have some confidence!

The “What Are You Doing?” segment during Weekend Update was just very good. (The Ann Romney segment, however, was confusing because it didn’t seem to be based on anything near reality. What was the joke? The idea that Ann Romney would like Beyonce? Also the Stephen A. Smith segment did not work for me because I don’t know who that is.)

And that’s kind of it! It wasn’t a good night. They can’t all be Seth MacFarlane episodes, apparently.

And, finally, Mumford & Sons performed. There was also a sketch in which Mumford & Sons performed the Beatles “You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away,” but it is not available online, which is fine because it was very bad. SEE YOU NEXT WEEK!

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  1. “Also the Stephen A. Smith segment did not work for me because I don’t know who that is.”

    I’ve never wanted to live in your world more in my life, Kelly. More in my life.

  2. Bnpg: Mumford looks like
    Ken Marino
    Grow up Creepy Glenn
    Young Alfred Molina

  3. Because I have loved JGL for a very long time, and because I started calling Magic Mike the greatest film of our generation the moment I heard it was being made, the monologue was pretty much my favorite thing ever. But overall the show was not so good.

    • Yeah, I bring up Magic Mike at every possible moment… So I was a pretty big fan of the monologue, though it could have gained a lot by adding in more Magic Alcide.

  4. This was pretty bad. I will say that Bobby Moynihan going “Damn, WHOSE PINOT GRIGIO IS THIS!?” just about dragged this episode up from the murky depths of tv hell for me.

  5. You are entirely wrong on the Ann Romney thing as well as as the great Hypnotist sketch. You are partially wrong on the real estate agent sketch. It was not the best, but it was not the worst.

  6. Jo-Go? It’s Jose Go-Le

  7. I loved the Ann Romney thing, pretty much because it doesn’t seem like her. Ann Romney as a figure seems rife for parody but as a person she is really just waspy and beige, which is sort of a well-trodden route. She doesn’t really say anything other than, “My husband is the best!” and “I’m a mom!” so I sort of like the idea of making her a huge Beyonce fan and everything.

    • I also thought that was a highlight. I went back and watched the previous Joseph Gordon-Levitt episode after watching this one and man, it was horrible. The “Make ‘Em Laugh” thing was cool because hey, Singin’ In The Rain is awesome and JGL’s obvious affection for the song made it work despite not really doing much original with it. The rest of the episode was horrible though, with Secret Word and instance 847 of “What’s Up With That” and stuff.

      The new one was much better, IMHO, and it’s a relief that the new(ish) cast seems to be dropping most of the old recurring sketches. That “Our Daughter” one was not very funny but I was so relieved that it wasn’t a “Kissing Family” sketch as soon as Fred Armisen gave his name as something other than Vogelcheck that I gave it a pass. Same with the “Hide Your Love Away” sketch, which was full of hacky jokes, but the song made it fun.

      The great musical guest, the “Undecided Voter,” “G.O.B. Tampons*” and Hypnotist sketches were all very good, I thought. Good episode!

      *What does the “B” in G.O.B. stand for? Shouldn’t it have been G.O.P.?

  8. Joseph Gordon LOVE IT!

  9. “They can’t all be Seth MacFarlane episodes, apparently.”

    I’m still stunned that this is a reference to how GOOD the Seth MacFarlane episode was.

    • Shocking, but does make a bit of sense. Whether we find it funny or not, MacFarlane works in “comedy” for a living, while JGL is dead in the “Serious Actor” school of work. He always seems a bit strained and over-the-top in interviews when he is trying to be charming and funny, so I can definitely see him not doing great at a live sketch comedy show.

  10. Speaking of people who are always like “LOVE ME LOVE ME LOVE ME,” I do wish that Jay Pharoah would relax and stop mugging for the camera all the time.

    What about that sketch with the private investigator caricature artist? It was going pretty well, and then BAM it was over. It’s like the writers realized that the whole Internet (or at least the Internet people who watch SNL) griped all last season about how they don’t know how to end sketches, so they just started cutting them off prematurely. That’s still not the right way to end sketches!

    • I agree with this. End sketches right, even if it means tacking on another minute to the sketch. My problem with the episodes last season was that we got 4 or 5 really long sketches that just weren’t funny. And then one or two that were really short and hilarious. I think, like you said, now that SNL is being watched primarily on the internet (Hulu, Youtube, and such), they need to cut it short to keep their audience captivated with laughs!

  11. Did the Real Estate Agents sketch just weirdly end while it was ongoing, or was that just me??

  12. LOVED the Ann Romney bit. We should all pronounce it “Bay-on-say” from now on.

  13. I. Am. So. Glad. You. Hated. It. Too. OHMYGAH! It was sooo bad. I chuckled at the two political commercials (GOBs and Undecided Voters) but nothing else made me laugh. What happened?! I love JGL but this was bad form. I guess I wanted him to be as good a host as Justin Timberlake was.

    In related news, I watched “the entire episode” on Hulu last night and it completely skipped the monologue so I didn’t have to sit through that garbage. Although, I did see the gist of the monologue at a club on Saturday night, muted, and I didn’t find it funny. Do you think Hulu thought it was inappropriate for its general viewers? If so, why did they not just ban the entire episode?! AMIRITE?!

    • They didn’t show the monologue because they didn’t want to pay for the redistributing rights for “It’s raining men,” most likely.

      I’m sorry, but it’s the explanation you need, not the explanation you deserve.

  14. I didn’t see the whole show, but the Tres Equis commercial was hilarious. The Finer Things was also really funny. Too bad the rest of it was painful to watch. The Daughter skit lasted way too long.

    Does anyone else remember a time when the SNL actors didn’t constantly look off screen to read their lines? What the hell are they looking at? Look at the person you’re talking to for God’s sake.

  15. With all sincerity, and no snark, I love that you guys do this. I’ve always enjoyed SNL but, let’s face it, it can be a real drag to dig through the crap (and there has ALWAYS been lots of crap, even in the golden years) and get to the good stuff. You do it for us and you do it very well. So THANKS!

  16. My problem with the hypnotist sketch was that I got to see a pretty good outline of Taran Killam’s balls when he was dinosaur-humping on of the audience members. In fact, I have long wanted to see Taran Killam’s balls, but only in a more private, one-on-one context.

  17. What about when everybody tore their vests off in the opening sketch and Bobby had another vest on underneath? I watched that part twice because I wasn’t too thrilled at watching them all do that, then I went “Wait, did Bobby tear his off or not? Oh no, I have to go back. WE HAVE TO GO BAAAAAAACK!”

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