Ah, here we are! Tonight’s the night! The 64th primetime Emmy awards! As we wait for the show to begin, let’s take a moment to think about how lucky we are to have the whole experience in our future — so much joy and wonder just waiting to unfold before us in that theatre in Los Angeles. So much nervous energy and cocaine and makeup that looks weird up close but good on camera and interactions where you don’t really know what the motive is but you know you don’t feel good about it. So many questions waiting to be answered. Will we like Lena Dunham’s haircut when we see it live on television more or less than when we saw it in the photographs she’s posted on Twitter? Or will we like it the same? What kind of beard is Aaron Paul going to have? Full beard? Trimmed beard? Will Louis C.K. look nice or not so nice? Are the people that we like going to win their awards, or are the people we don’t like going to win them? Specifically, who is going to win the award for Best Job In A Show (Televised)? In a few short hours all of those questions and more will be done and answered, so let’s hang out and watch them all get answered, together! Sounds great 2 me. Love you! Get a drink! LET’S LIVE CHAT ABOUT IT! #emmys #2012emmys

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  1. Are we all in agreement that Breaking Bad season 4 was better than Mad Men Season 5?

  2. Yikes. That was bad.

  3. Sorry for dodgy legality, but here’s a good stream for us Europeans: http://atdhenet.tv/46050/watch-64th-primetime-emmy-awards

  4. I like Lena’s haircut slightly more than I did from the twitpic just FYI.

  5. Jon Hamm, FIX YOUR COLLAR!!! People are going to mistake you for a 1930s hobo.

  6. Amy is smokin’ hot.


  8. The sound-level-fader-pusher guy(I assume) has really dropped the ball tonight.

  9. Wow, commercials in the US are surprisingly tolerable.

  10. Yay, Louie!

  11. Yay Louis CK!!!!

  12. Oh maaaaan Jim and Zoe. That was awkward.


  13. Nooo Community :(

  14. Miss you, Mrs. Landingham.

  15. Oh, come on! “Remedial Chaos Theory” is the tits, and everyone knows it.

  16. OK I’m sick of Modern Family winning everything

  17. Whatever Kelly Ripa, we get it, nipple covers are legit, get on with it

  18. Shoulda been Kristin Wiig, and everybody knows it.

  19. Could this BE any more appropriate for a presenter/ category combo?

  20. Does Matthew Perry have a cold?

  21. Jimmy Fallon > John Hamm in black face? I THINK NOT.


  23. Enough already. We’re ready to move on out here in the real world.

  24. “Haha! Jokes about how you can’t understand the woman who speaks English as a second language! Jokes! Did you hear me? JOKES!”

  25. Guys, remember how Steve Carell never won an Emmy for the Office? :(

  26. “Polite laugh. Polite laugh.” — Celebrities at the Emmys

  27. Jesus christ, really? What is this?

  28. Oh, honestly.

  29. Duckie would be so disappointed.

  30. If it’s not Amy Poehler’s year, I’m burning shit to the ground. #truth

  31. Just so happy for Jon Cryer, though.

  32. Um.. it’s in the middle of the night here in Sweden and I’m up watching Modern Family and Jon Cryer win awards? I don’t think so. Have a nice one, goodnight.

  33. Well, mostly everything has been terrible about the show so far, but the brownies I’m baking are starting to smell REALLY good.

  34. Maybe Kyle Chandler can star in a CBS sitcom? Texas forever.

  35. I saw Steven Colbert while I was eating wings once. TRUE STORY!

  36. I hope he doesn’t think this gets him out of doing the Colbert show tomorrow night.

  37. Welp, shit is burning. I tried to warn y’all.

  38. Aww, I’m just so…sad.

  39. Wow. That is an amazing bit.

  40. Since we’re watching ABC, when is Revenge starting back up? I need some trash TV in my life.

  41. Question for an English teacher: Is it ironic that the awards show for television excellence is so poorly executed?

  42. Fuck the Patriots!

  43. What, the Amazing Race is still on?

  44. I was going to say something snarky about the Reality TV montage, but then I got really excited when they showed the two second clip of Sophie winning America’s Next Top Model so I guess I can’t really hate.

  45. This is the lamest way to introduce the accounts.

  46. Ok, that’s it. I can’t take this, it’s the middle of the night here, i’m going to bed. Enjoy everybody! Can’t wait to check back with you tomorrow!

  47. Fuckin’ Joffrey, man.

  48. Hahahaha NCIS is a drama.

  49. “I am not IN Danger. I AM the danger.” Fuckin’ chills, y’all.

  50. Yessss!! Aaron!!

  51. AARON PAUL EVERYBODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. Kelly are you okay, did you faint?

  53. Great category, wish it could have been Jared Harris though. Still: no hate.

  54. I want to have one million of his babies,

  55. I can’t believe the chubby kid from Modern Family won the Emmy for Best Supporting Actor in a Drama


  57. ooo pranks! My favorite thing!

  58. Sounds like Hayden hates Homeland.

  59. WHAT is happening on your head, Jeremy Davies???

  60. Oh Jeremy Davies, I miss Daniel Faraday.

  61. Jeremy Davies, still preparing for his role as Manson from 7 years ago.

  62. Ahahaha Jon Hamm you will never win.

  63. Damien Lewis is so handsome.

  64. Hey, another year we get to use this photo, right?

    Ugh, these Emmys.

    • Obviously the exception is Aaron Paul. I mean, I shouldn’t have to say that, right? Actually, that entire category was good. All of them were “Yeah I could see them as good list to the best supporting acting in dramatic TV yes.”

  65. My dislike of Claire Danes has kept me from watching Homeland. Nice work on that whole Hugh Dancy thing though.

  66. Claire Danes’ consistent bitch face for best face 2012.


  68. Benedict Cumberbatch is in the house!



  71. Louie and Aziz, I wouldn’t mind being the meat in that sandoozle.

  72. Hi Kristen Schaal, and also Jon Hodgman

  73. what is that outfit jimmy kimmels mom

  74. How was american horror story and missing a mini series?

  75. LANGE!!!!!!!

  76. I wanted to let you guys know that I got out. There’s football out here. I could probably get you out too. No promises though — Julie Bowen looks like she means business.

  77. i didn;t know marvin hamlish died

  78. I forgot it was Emmy night!! Hi everyone!

  79. OMG Jonathan from Buffy just won an Emmy!

  80. Wait couldn’t they lower the mike for Jonathon?

  81. Lucy Liu’s dress confuses me.

  82. Julianne Moore’s dress confuses me too, but she was amazing as Sarah Palin.

  83. Brownie update: much like most award shows, I anticipated them a lot and had high hopes in the run-up, but they were ultimately somewhat disappointing.

  84. Kevin Costner SNOOZE

  85. That is a really handsome category.

  86. This is bullshit.

  87. My future husband lost. I’m done now.

  88. Mr Emmy doesn’t care about British people (except that one guy who beat out Hamm and Cranston)!!

  89. So Martin Freeman lost to Tom Berenger, and Benny Cumby to Kevin Costner? My wife is pretty upset about this, but as a fan of Major League and Bull Durham I am cool with it.

  90. Uh, why did Sherlock submit “Scandal in Belgravia” instead of “Reichenbach Fall”? It totally would’ve won ALL THE AWARDS if it had submitted the latter.

  91. Hell of a rad prank on Sarah Palin. A+ Mr. Hanks.

  92. that lady from homeland VA VA VOOM

  93. Sofia Verga looks like a mermaid

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