School’s back in session, you need an extracurricular so your parents will just get off your back about it already, and these guys seem great. Join their anime club. Wednesdays from 2:30 to 3:30ish. (Via Rats Off!)

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  1. The AV Club immediately disavowed any involvement in the production of this video.

  2. Do anthropomorphic Korean hampsters selling cars count as anime? If so, I think I’m already in.

  3. We should all be so happy…

  4. This makes my whole being president of the Daria fan club in college thing seem a little less nerdy.

  5. If they just play Cowboy Bebop in its entirety, over and over again, then I’m on board.

  6. they order delivery from Kiki’s every week.

  7. A Crying Game-esque twist there when the “dude” started speaking. I like these kids, though. Especially since, like any good Japanimation fanatic, they pronounce it “Ahn-imé.”

  8. “Gundam Style” -PSY

  9. Now I’m kind of glad I only had one friend in high school, because when you hit the three mark you start doing stuff like this. I was content to just watch R-rated anime bootlegs at her house until her mom came home from work.

  10. You know, I like anime (or as I call it Japanese Cartoons) more than most people… but I found this unsettling.

    Still it’s not all bad, it made me remember this episode:

  11. You do you, girls. No sarcasmo.

  12. This doesn’t shock me at all, I’ve seen worse at any given anime convention.

  13. short hair had much better dance moves and rhythm then long hair.

  14. I’m very late with this, and no one will ever see it, but no post about an anime club song would be complete without the original:

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