WELCOME BACK, TELEVISION SHOWS! The season premieres of Up All Night, Parks and Recreation, and the last season of The Office aired last night, along with a special Thursday edition of Weekend Update and the conclusion to Louie‘s three-part “Late Show” series. So much stuff! And it was all enjoyable?! Weekend Update, although a lot of the jokes were still jokes you’ve heard variations of all over the Internet already (which I imagine is difficult to get around), was pretty fun! DRUNK UNCLE! Drunk Uncle is still great! And the Fox & Friends cold open was good. Enjoyable all around. Up All Night was totally fine, as it always is. Will Arnett looked very skinny, which was weird. Something that I’m fairly tired of on Parks and Recreation is Ron Swanson’s obsession with meat, which is absolutely the Internet’s fault, so that plot line didn’t really do a lot for me. Leslie in Washington DC was adorable, though, and very sweet, and everything that I like about the show. (Also everything Andy said.) (“Leslie, this is a really cool penis.”) (The thing he said about getting free pants.) MOVING RIGHT ALONG, The Office felt pretty fresh! I love Clark Duke! CAN YOU BELIEVE THEY’RE TALKING TO THE DOCUMENTARY FILMMAKERS NOW?! Haha. I wonder who it is??? My bet is MTV’s True Life. Can you believe Oscar is dating Angela’s husband?! What a damn jerk! You don’t date your coworkers husbands, Oscar, no matter what. Jim took the job! GOOD FOR JIM! Good for the show, having things happen! And, finally, Louie was just very, very good. It’s crazy how good David Lynch was. It’s crazy how perfect that three-part arc was. Hard to say anything about it other than that it was fantastic. So. WHAT DID YOU THINK ABOUT ALL THE SHOWS?

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  1. I have such a lady boner for Leslie Knope.

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  2. Are we doing Thursday Night gif threads this year or should I keep them to myself?

  3. Oh Leslie, that is exactly how I would have reacted meeting Olympia Snowe and Barbara Boxer. You’ll be okay! (I love Leslie so much, guys).

    in other news, Jim took a new job on that episode of The Office? I watched that episode and I can’t remember anything that happened in it.

    • I didn’t like! The opening was not funny (why are they obsessed with vomiting on that show?!) and I am angry about the Oscar development too! The ending was kinda funny though with Creed and when Nelly got slapped down. I really don’t like her.

    • I like what they did was Tom/Ann because everyone knew that was a ridiculous plot line from the start. The glitter stuff was pretty cute.

  4. Louie!! So good…although is Louis CK ever going to allow the character Louie any sort of success?? Geez.

    Also, I think Louis touched on the whole “kinds of funny” topic Gabe mentioned in Videogum at the beginning of last night’s episode. Like he was kind of poking fun at how he’s only sad bastard, cynical funny. Louis CK is obviously a big Videogum reader!

      • This storyline really irks me. I get that Andy is now supposed to be the new Michael but seriously, using a teenage wilderness trip as the catalyst? Kinda LOL, but mostly lazy/tired. Being this openly verbally and physically abusive as a boss is just not realistic (although I get Michael was abusive too, but at least it mostly stemmed from his insecurities/loneliness, not because of an anger management problem).

        Jesus, why am I analyzing this show so much?

        • Not only is he the new Michael Scott, but this seems like a ploy to make people feel sorry for Nellie and somehow make her a likable character, which seems impossible at this point.

          I really feel like Catherine Tate is slumming it on this show. Is this supposed to be her U.S. breakthrough role? Because I’m not sure how this is helping her career.

  5. “OH NO!!! NO. No……well, he is right about that.” – my vegetarian fiance upon seeing Ron Swanson introduce Tom the Pig and say more people need to see where their meat comes from.

    that, along with Kevin’s turtle story were the highlights of the night for me.

  6. I thought the Ron plotline on Parks and Rec got a little ridiculous. It was almost like a parody of Ron at a certain point. Although I did die laughing when he drove off with the grill.

    That being said I am just so happy Parks and Rec is back. Especially since there was some uncertainty last spring about whether or not it would get renewed.

    • I agree that the whole BBQ scene was a bit overdone, but I think they were just trying to show how out of his element Ron felt when everyone was complaining about his wonderful BBQ. The beginning and end parts of the Ron story were perfect though, loved the corn stuff.

      • Yeah that’s how I felt. The look on Ron’s face was priceless when Jerry asked about corn. It started off well and finished in a good place, the journey to get there just felt a bit forced.

  7. Louie! Spoiler alert: As soon as that old guy said his “showbiz rules”, and one of them was “If someone tells you to keep something a secret, it’s a lie”, I knew it was not going to happen for Louie. Remember the confidentiality agreement?

  8. Also on the subject of Parks and Rec, I am so glad the Ann/Tom relationship seems to not be a thing anymore. Like, they really couldn’t have much more with what was already a rather implausible scenario to begin with.

  9. Childrens Hospital UK, too!

  10. Does anyone know how much truth there is behind this letterman arc on Louie? It seems like it might be an exaggerated version of something that actually happened and I’m really curious. Or it could be totally fictionalized, but I kinda doubt it.

  11. I do NOT like the Oscar messing around with Angela’s husband side plot. That seems very over the top and random. Hope that fades away.

  12. WHAT? I did not now that Parks came back last night! I want to talk about Louie and can’t read the comments because I don’t want to see all the Parks jokes. So I’ll just throw in my two cents about Louie: It was great!

  13. What about Wilfred? That show got pretty weird and dark last night! And good!

  14. I’ve started taking night classes to get my masters, so my Thursday nights are shot. I came home and asked my mom the plot to Parks and Rec, and she’s all “The dumb one thinks he found a treasure map.” Thank goodness for you freaks (lovingly) and Hulu.

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