• Amanda Bynes told People Magazine that she thinks she’s doing “amazing,” which sounds about right. Will someone go to her house and check on her, though? Just to make sure? -Dlisted
  • Want to watch the red band trailer for Patton Oswalt’s (and Johnny Knoxville, Patrice O’Neal, and Rob Riggle’s) Nature Calls? It’s fine if you do! Check it out, have a ball. -FilmDrunk
  • Melissa McCarthy is going to be in The Hangover 3, which is good news, I guess, apart from the idea that there is going to be a third Hangover movie. -SlashFilm
  • Netflix has picked up Ricky Gervais’s new comedy series, Derek. It’s the one that is NOT an attempt at making fun of disabled people. You know? Can’t wait 4 that 1. -NYTimes
  • You guys like Tom Scharpling, right? You should! I’m sure you do. Want to know what records he likes the most right now, out of all the records? Look at this list of them, then! Ok! -InSound
  • Ben Garant, Reno 911! co-creator, is going to direct an adaptation of Baywatch. The script is from Peter Tolan, creator of Rescue Me. So. Maybe? -Vulture
  • Did you guys watch the Boardwalk Empire season premiere? I know I’m a little late in asking. But. Did you? Did you like it? I’ve never seen it but I hear it’s good! Ok here are some talking points about it! -TheWeek
  • Wait, have we watched this Parker Posey commercial for the Emmys yet? I don’t think we have. Why haven’t we? It’s funny! The Emmys are this weekend! IS EVERYONE READY? -Hypervocal
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  1. This is unrelated to the afternoon links, but I made a Blingee of today’s hottest topic:

    • Speaking of buttered beverages, have y’all ever had the butterbeer they serve at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Universal? It’s so good. Sooooo good. I bet it would taste great with a little rum.

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  2. 1) I was at a friends house a few months ago and got to witness about half an episode of The Ricky Gervais show on HBO. After the episode, I full on fucking hate Ricky Gervais. That was seriously the most self satisfied piece of shit abomination I have ever seen. I went from not really commenting on the guy if someone brings him up to immediately telling anyone who mentions him that he is a total asshole, just from that fucking show.

    2) The season premiere of Boardwalk Empire was quite good. SPOILERS TO FOLLOW: Jimmy/Michael Pitt is definitely missed, as I still think he gave the best acting performance on the show and was definitely the most interesting character alongside Richard, but the new characters seemed interesting enough and I think the showrunners will be able to carry on sans Jimmy without a drop off in quality like some shows (I’m looking at YOU, Oz post-Adebisi). Speaking of Richard, I found myself waiting for them to get back to him every time they focused on other people in the episode. I hope he gets more screen time and does not get killed off. The Nucky/Margaret relationship is essentially Diet Carmela/Tony Soprano, and I hope they do more with Margaret beyond “manipulative wife of a gangster with somewhat good intentions who is morally conflicted about her choices regarding her marriage.” That has already been done in a much better and more nuanced way with Carmela Soprano. Also, I really want more Al Capone.

    TL;DR: Ricky Gervais is a piece of shit and I liked Boardwalk Empire S3E1.

    • In addition to missing his character, I just straight up miss looking at Michael Pitt’s face. But I love Bobby Cannavale and his character seems like he’ll be interesting.

      And I totally agree with you about Richard! He’s the best, and I hope they have him lay down the law with Gillian at some point, or else that poor kid is just doomed.

      • Yeah I hated Manny last season, so Richard’s, um, interaction with him in the premiere was great. I feel like they are building to Richard giving Gillian her due, since they set up the tension between them pretty well and Richard has proven that he can take care of business when necessary (in the case with Gillian it is EXTREMELY NECESSARY).

        • Also I take it back, Michael Pitt is a great actor, but the best acting job on the show has to go to Jack Huston as Richard Harrow. Dude has to come off believable with half a face. Major props to that guy.

          • Weird. I for one felt that Michael Pitt’s character and performance was by far the worst. Not terrible, just really mediocre compared to the rest of the characters/cast. Speaking of missing people there was a distinct lack of Chalky in the premiere. More Chalky needed!

    • I agree about Al Capone. I hope there’s more of him. I think the new character is a little too modern gangstery. An old timey ganster would be less of a loudmouth? I don’t know, there’s just something not right about the way he’s doing his character.

    • 1) Ricky Gervais is a seeming piece of shit and he is a mega asshole on his show but I still enjoy the show a good bit

      2) ugh Oz post-Adebisi
      the season premiere of BE was pretty good and I’m hopefully the show can keep it up without Jimmy, I didn’t really care for his acting or the character in the first season but the second season fleshed him out and made Michael Pitt’s portrayal of him more better seeming (<-really good english)

      • My (least) favorite part of Oz post-Adebisi had to be the Evangelical reverend just straight up DISAPPEARING without any explanation other than “oooooohhh spirituality” until the complete bullshit cop out in the last episode of the show. That and Kareem Said getting SHOT in the visiting room by Phoebe’s dad from Friends because…the sun is going to burn out in a billion years? Fuck that show.

  3. I found this today. This is a thing that exists. It is pretty wonderful.

  4. You know how when you say a curse word enough times it effectively renders it meaningless?

    Well that’s basically the Nature Calls redband trailer.

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