Say what you want about how DMX probably should’ve come across a computer already at this point in his life that wasn’t his smartphone, or about how maybe he needs to, uh, relax, but that shit he says about how Google sounds like a baby noise? Can’t disagree with that. (Via TWBE.)

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  1. This makes sense. DMX can probably just pay people to answer questions for him. Or maybe he just uses Bing.

  2. DMX is just like my Nana

  3. NO! Don’t let him use Google. What if he finds out how unintentionally homoerotic his lyrics are? You’d be depriving the world of one of its true blessings.

    • Sample:
      “All your mens up in the jail before sucked my dick”
      “I’ma have ta show ****s how easily we blow *****s ”
      “I stomp a mudhole in your face / Motherfucker, rip your butthole out of place”

      He’s the rap version of Tobias Fhunke

  4. He looked like he lost his mind up in there.

  5. Have you guys heard DMX’s new track? It’s very …um, Krispy Kreme-inspired.

  6. This might be DMX’s first meme.

  7. DMX is pretty much a black Skinny Pete.

  8. This is the same man who, four years ago, didn’t believe that there was a black man named Barack Obama running for president. Which now, actually, makes a lot more sense.

    • this is also the same man who tried to impersonate a federal officer to get out of crack charges, claimed a woman raped him to explain away his child out of wedlock and also has been an admitted crack head his entire musical career

      i like ITDaHiH as much as the next guy but it’s safe to say DMX’s brain went past the point of no return

  9. Actually not that different from the last time I tried to use a PC.

  10. I just watched an ep of Dr. Katz where Todd Barry was doing this exact same bit.

  11. To be fair, coming from a point of zero knowledge, he is asking reasonable questions.

  12. “Look at all these things. It’s too much stuff.”: also factual.

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