This weekend will mark the first day of fall, meaning that if you’ve been meaning to try to make time to get to the beach or walk on a boardwalk or swim in an outdoor pool at your friend’s house YOU ARE OUT OF LUCK! (Unless you live in a place where it’s warm all the time.) (In which case you should just STFU because your life is already perfect.) (Except for how you don’t get to enjoy coming in from the cold and enjoying something like a pumpkin cupcake or a warm gingerbread something.) (Actually, come to think of it, I like the cold sometimes.) (But both options are fine options.) (Life is fine.) You should take your being out of luck with those specific things as motivation to do something that you’ve been wanting to do for a while but haven’t. Like watch The Wire, or read any other volume of In Search of Lost Time, or write a song, or get bangs, or make a YouTube video of you doing a bunch of emoticon faces and then upload it onto the internet and have it find its way into a blogger’s Google Reader more than once. JUST DO IT! TIME IS RUNNING OUT! LIFE IS RUNNING OUT! DO THE THING!

See, she did the thing! And she’s doing great! Just do the thing. It’ll be fun, you’ll like it. (Via BoingBoing.)

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  1. Are those all real emoticons that people use and understand? I thought there were only like 6 of them. Am I just old? Where am I?

  2. She was prettier before she started making faces at me.

  3. Every time Kelly starts writing inside parentheses, I think of that time when she wrote “(only in parentheses where ideas are safe)” for an Afternoon Links post. That was good times.

  4. Who doesn’t like winter?! It is the best! You get presents and you get to eat a whole turkey and go skiing and you can drink hot buttered rum! It’s buttered alcohol!

  5. She missed my favorite.

    Kirby says FU: t ( t ‘ _ ‘ )

  6. This video made me feel like this: 3p–o(_* _)<<<

  7. Since I hated that so much, I went ahead and watched another video by this annoying young woman and now I’d like the captain to please stop the Earth so I can get off.

  8. tl;dw, did she ever get to You Me And Everyone We Know? And if so, just tell me the time so i can skip the rest. I mean, so my friend can skip the rest. Asking for a friend. Yep, a friend.

  9. I want to watch The Wire for the first time, but I have already seen the whole thing like 3 times. Can I have the memory loss condition Guy Pearce has in Memento but only for The Wire?

  10. GUYS! the thing I am doing today is flying to London (work trip, but there will be fun!).

    I wil take pictures of lorries for y’all.

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