“The Engineer from Prometheus spins at the Blu-Ray launch event at The Beats Store in New York.” (Via /Film.)

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  1. Ridiculous…that he has NO TURNTABLES!!

  2. Why didn’t anyone tell me Prometheus was an adaptation of the Cho Aniki video game series?!

  3. The placement of the DVD, uh Blu-Ray, in the pic seems to be covering a form of genitalia.

  4. Is this canon?

  5. And much like Prometheus, this party was really cool as long as you don’t stop to think about it for a second.

  6. Those aren’t his real arms, right??

  7. Why does he need headphones to play the flute?

  8. Can’t the music just come out of his mind or some shit like that?

  9. Are you sure that’s who that was?

  10. “hey throw me the ball!!”

  11. The headphones represent the ancient Greek god Beatsbydreisus, who in modern contemporary existential narrative theory, is (and this is a rough translation) the God Of Fools.

    Notice the symmetry of the figures in the background. Nearly every one is facing away from us, the audience, with the subtle exception of the man in the suit, who appears to be staring right at us, who Scott and Lindelof obviously mean to represent almost a Big Brother figure, watching us while we futilely attempt to work out the truth.

    However, there is one figure that stands out in this cinematic representation of a very real shell game: the man closest to the Engineer, the man with access to the most potential insight into mankind’s origin. What is he doing? Is he purposely ignoring the representative of the Creator Deities? No, he is engaged with humankind, oblivious to the mad beatz that our creators will someday spin.

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