• “Ann Romney Is Ann Veal” -HyperVocal
  • Stephen King set a release date for the sequel to The Shining and it is going to be released in about a year from now. This has been today’s “sequel to The Shining” update. Thank you. -THR
  • This is a perfect supercut: every time they say “time” in In Time. -Dunk3d
  • Here is another, less perfect but still pretty good, supercut: Mitt Romney being awkward. I do think it’s very dangerous to write this jerk off as a joke right now, but also OH MY GOODNESS he is awkward a lot! -Uproxx
  • TVLine talked to Matthew Weiner at last weekend’s Creative Art Emmys ceremony and asked about Jessica Pare’s future with Mad Men. Want to get a hint about it? Don’t click through if you don’t! -TVLine
  • Joseph Gordon Levitt is going to be hosting SNL this weekend? Didn’t he just host two seconds ago? Why isn’t Aaron Paul hosting? Probably because of the Emmys, I guess? When will Aaron Paul host?! -NBC
  • Linda Holmes, from NPR’s Monkey See blog, has constructed a list of 25 words, any two of which can be combined to create a future American TV show. TRY TRY! -MonkeySee
  • Kristin Stewart says she will NEVER to a makeup campaign. You know who will though? Me. Do you get free makeup when you do a makeup campaign? I bet you do! I’ll do it! -Dlisted
  • Want to watch a scene from Knuckleball, a baseball documentary that came out yesterday? I don’t want to, but I definitely respect your desire to. Watch what you love. -SlashFilm
  • The poster for Liz&Dick was released today. Perfect. -FilmDrunk
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  1. I was friends with some girls in high school who were in a band that became moderately popular and went on a world tour, and that will remain nameless because it’s kind of embarrassing because the early 2000s were generally speaking a time of horrible music and fashion choices, and they used to get a shit ton of free make up from Revlon and Cover Girl and things because of sponsorship deals. Every time they came over they’d bring a huge bag full of make up and hair products and just pass them out.

  2. Lilo looks very nice with dark hair. She should give her poor hair a break from the javex and go dark for a bit.


    New, Episode 1, “How did I get this cat?” 28 mins

  4. guy’s if your ever talking with my mom DO NOT bring up liz and dick. She will not shut up about how much she hates it

  5. Hey man, I made that Ann Romney/Ann Veal joke on twitter weeks ago during the convention! Then, just like now, no one’s read it.

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