At what point will reboot God just turn the clock back so we can live through all this reboot news for the first time again, rather than continue to make Himself reinvent the reboot wheel as if that makes each piece of reboot news somewhat novel? That’s the kind of question that keeps great thinkers up at night, I bet. The answer is: NOT YET! I don’t think. Though the thing is that we will never know, it could have happened already. So the answer is: NOT YET? And what I’m really trying to say is: Look at this stupid thing, from The Hollywood Reporter:

First, the CW decided it would reboot Beauty and the Beast; now, the young-skewing network is reimagining Alice in Wonderland.

A script has been commissioned for the project, titled Wunderland, which is being billed as a contemporary iteration of Alice in Wonderland, The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed. The drama will center on a young female detective in present-day Los Angeles who discovers another world that exists under the surface of this ultra-modern city.

Wunderland will be written and executive produced by Playboy Club’s Chad Hodge, with McG (Gossip Girl) and Peter Johnson attached as executive producers. The hour-long entry is set up at McG’s Wonderland Sound and Vision in association with Warner Bros. Television.

WUNDERLAND. I forgot to remind you that you were supposed to guess what the Alice In Wonderland reboot was called, but I’m sure at least most of you guessed it from the title of the post anyway. Wunderland. WUNDERLAND. “Ok we’ve got it. EVERYONE STOP THINKING.” I bet that’s what the end of the naming meeting was like. I bet she falls into wunderland through a Banksy-style street art mirror. I bet she isn’t able to leave her detective job back up on the surface of “ultra-modern” present-day LA.  I beg UGH UGH GUGH GUHG MCG. What do you bet? Anything? Want to go back to bed? I’m pretty sure we’ve all already lived through all of this, so it’s ok if we sleep through it this time.

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  1. LA is so ultra-modern. It is the Seoul of North America.

  2. I think they could have filmed this show in Chicago and called it “Lower Wacker”. Missed opportunity.

    • When will Chicago have it’s turn as the setting for a CW show?!?

      New York has Gossip Girl, L.A. already has the L.A. Complex and now will also have Wunderland? Aren’t there beautiful hipsters here in the Windy City?

      It could be a spin off of Gossip Girl where Lonely Boy moves to Pilsen, and falls in love with C who lives on the Gold Coast. What will happen when Charlie Trout steps in to take over the Trump Towers?

  3. Wunderland sounds German, which means that I would be all about this so long as the caterpillar is the same as the little German dude from A Bug’s Life. Actually, if it is just a series based on A Bug’s Life, that;d be great. Just all A Bug’s Life all the time. That movie is great.

  4. I love how every reimagining of a classic story, like the Grimm fairy tales, or Snow White, turns into a “what if she/he was a detective in a big city” for television. It’s as though TV execs don’t realize how many detective/consultant/cop shows there are.

    • Honestly, I think they could have had something if she WASN’T a detective. Like, maybe she’s homeless? And nobody believes her about Wonderland (excuse me, WUNDERLAND), because she’s just a crazy homeless lady? I would legit watch that.

      • Wasn’t that kind of the plot of Beauty and the Beast starring Linda Hamilton and Ron Perlman in the late 80s? She was a workaholic career lady with a secret “beast” boyfriend, who was actually great, and no one believed her? And then it got an insane cult following of women who were all, “why can’t I find a nice man that will take me away to the sewers???”

        REAL SUMMARY: The adventures and romance of a sensitive and cultured lion-man and a crusading District Attorney assistant.

        • Was it? I never watched that show, I had no idea that people didn’t believe her about her boyfriend, I just assumed she never told anybody because the #1 rule in TV is that when you have something great that makes you special, you don’t tell a fuckin’ soul!

          That’s actually really great, though.

          “Hey guys, I have a new boyfriend. He’s really ugly and lives in a sewer.”

          “Get the fuck outta here, liar!”

          • I honestly can’t remember if I saw it or not… I’m sure I saw it once or twice. But I definitely remember the Mad Magazine parodies of it and the SNL sketch(es). And thinking it was totally insane and I was 10 and if I thought it was insane… adults are idiots.

        • my sister love that show! it’s one of my first memories of tv with my sister swooning over how hot he was.

    • You know, it really bugs me because the comic/graphic novel series Fable kind touches on these themes and is all about Fairy Tales and nursery rhymes. SO WHY NOT JUST MAKE THAT A SHOW? Unless DC or the creator is unwilling to license the rights, of course. But still, tv, don’t be afraid to try new things! Make Cinderella a medical procedural! Or the Little Mermaid, instead of becoming sea foam, becomes an oil tycoon! IN SPACE.

      • Mia Culpa, the title is Fables. Fable is an increasingly boring series of games (bold statement?)

      • Fable, you say? I keep seeing that on the shelves and thinking, “I may really like that” and then I notice they are on issue #148 or something and I get discouraged. Can you recommend a good starting point?

        And yeah, TV, be adventurous. We may rag on shows like Revolution and Will.I.Am Smart for TV but at least they are trying something new. Comics/GNs are great because you see a new series like Thief of Thieves or Fatale and even though it may turn out to be shitty, Comics make you want to venture out. However, these two titles were not shitty at all. Great 2012 releases.

        • No, she said FABLES. Fable is boring. Try to keep up.

        • I would recommend starting at the beginning through the trade paperbacks, which you can often find through public libraries, or used on amazon. It looks like currently there are 17 books which seems overwhelming, but they are generally fairly quick reads! Or you can try jumping in now, and figuring it out as you go (which I have done with other titles with varying degrees of success)(also, these days of internet are useful for that if you find a plot you need to know more about, or want to know more about)

      • I recently attempted to watch both Grimm and Once Upon a Time. Both just made me very angry and frustrated. Why can’t they just do Fables? The story is already there! and it’s good!

        • I really like Grimm (shout out to @badideajeans), but I think it’s because – especially after the first few episodes – they are not sticking to the fairy tale plotlines each episode. The ‘fairy tales are real’ thing is just a background. Plus it’s funny.

    • Facetaco’s idea is something I would actually watch as well.

      And why do people still watch detective/cop shows anymore? Do people really see Rookie Blue and think “This is something that will definitely not be the same campy shit I have seen a million times already”?

  5. Why the fuck is she a detective? Just so she can say “Curiouser and Curiouser…” all the fucking time?

    Ugh, whatever.

  6. They should’ve gone all the way with the title: Aluce un Wunderland

  7. The DRINK ME is a double-triple tall skinny macchiato w/soy.

  8. Well I say fock this show.

  9. the first mystery she will be solving is why they spell it with a U.

  10. This reminds me: badideajeans, I finally watched Grimm. The first 2 episodes, to be accurate. It’s a little *too* silly for me, but my deep love for big, hairy dudes who keep to themselves and are secretly not bad guys has me really invested in Munroe.

    • The first couple episodes are the most fairy tale-based, and soon they start veering more towards character development and international beast-society conspiracies. Which I admit is a little silly if you try to explain it. But there is a seasonal arc so it doesn’t feel like it’s just beast-of-the-week, and the characters are well-written. I recommend sticking with it – unless you don’t want to, and then don’t. It’s your life.

      • I recommend sticking to it because it is hilarious and weird and decent escapism from our workaday world.

        I’m not that happy with the second season (not weird enough, too violent for me), but it’s not that bad. Plus I really like the idea of taking super violent fairy tales that more or less taught kids to stay the hell out of the woods — regardless of what was happening at home — and putting it in the context of hahaha, stay out of Forest Park, people of Portland (which is kind of apt, some dude lived off the grid with his daughter in that park for like 4 or 5 years and you can get really lost there)!

        Plus the scenes with Pilates Wolf and the other not-violent vessen people are pretty funny. And I think the possibly-evil police chief guy is really really good-looking, so there is also that.

  11. This actually sounds good, I think. I mean, as an allegory, right?

  12. By reboot does the CW mean that the Mad Hatter having an on-again/off-again Scottish accent has been abandoned?

    (Defensively) I saw the movie on an airplane. There wasn’t anything else to watch.

  13. How are you going to turn Alice in Wonderland into a detective show? The pleasure of Alice in Wonderland comes from its surreal, meandering nature, where scenes just shift without any resolution. Detective shows rely on resolution, and I have a feeling this one won’t be pushing the envelope on that front.

  14. Keep fucking that Bandersnatch, Hollywood.

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