I hate to spoil anything about any of the videos you’re about to enjoy, but the video that I’ve pulled this intro picture from is about a bulldog who “adopted” this abandoned, wild baby boars, and in the video a human caretaker is talking and says that it’s good that the dog has adopted them because now the dog licks their behinds to aid in their digestion (??), “otherwise we’d have to massage their bellies for hours.” Like, if the sweet dog hadn’t taking a liking to the piglets the downside would have to be that the humans would be forced to rub their tiny piglet bellies. Uh. IT SEEMS LIKE THERE IS NO DOWNSIDE TO THIS PIGLET THING? #humblebrag. That’s what it seems like. Someone get humblebrag on the phone and tell them we’ve got a new humblebrag for the collection and it’s animal themed. OK, VIDEOS!

10. Cat Boxes A Box

9. Pug “Sings” Batman Theme

8. Meerkat Warms Himself By A Fire

7. Baby Hedgehog Drinking Milk

6. Black Bear Cubs Playing On Backyard Rope Swings

5. Dancing Puppy Vs. Lemon

4. Cat Eats With A Fork

3. Hesitant Dog On A Skateboard

2. French Bulldog Adopts Wild Boar Piglets

1. Bulldog On A Trampoline

Bulldog on a trampoline, you are our hero. Thank you and goodbye!

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  1. To the guy who scored the baby hedgehog video: Kind of a weird choice, man.

  2. Don’t even ask me how I know this (from the Corgicam, okay), but a lot of baby animals need their mom to lick their junk so they can go to the bathroom. If you find abandoned newborn puppies or kittens you have to “poop” them with a wet washcloth or they can die.

  3. I can’t watch the videos just yet, but from the scroll through it looks like one of the best petting zoos ever based on the “trailers” alone. I already love them all!

  4. I’m not so sure about that cat eating from a fork. I think a dude was probably holding it just offscreen.


  5. Puppy with a lemon is the greatest thing ever.

  6. The guy with the piglets has GOT to get some new jeans. Otherwise, very good videos all around!

  7. I don’t really like dogs much in general, but I love the lemon puppy and trampoline bulldog!

  8. Someone spent way too much time on that Batman video. And I’m so glad they did!

  9. Note to self:

    1) Save up lots of money.
    2) Move out of apartment and buy a house with a fireplace.
    3) Get a good fire going.
    4) Invite meerkats.

  10. I love when baby bears stand on their back legs, walk around a little, and then just let themselves fall down.

  11. More Sand
    More Dog

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