Photographer Nicolas Silberfaden took a collection of photographs of celebrity and superhero impersonators in Hollywood, California. Gahhhh! What a world, what a LIFE! Look at their perfect faces! When life gives you lemons, PUT ON A CHEAP LOOKING COSTUME AND DANCE 4 MONEY! That is what it would say on these guys’s throw pillows, if they had throw pillows. (They def don’t.) How does it even work that you are an Aquaman impersonator if you can’t grow an actual Aquaman beard? At that point it’s just Halloween 365, right? Anyway, life is tough, and we all have to put food on our families. Some of us do that by using our natural physiological gifts to impersonate well known figures in a tourist trap, others take fine art photos of those people, still others blog about it, and the rest of us enter this caption contest. Good luck! To you and to these sad looking people! I hope they are actually happy and we just can’t tell!

Winner will receive special placement in this week’s Monsters’ Ball. Don’t make that face! (Images via Nicolas Silberfaden via Neatorama.)

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  1. This one is the saddest:

  2. “why do i get put in jail and the Hollywood impersonators get NO punishment for being creepy so far? +”
    – @CentralParkRacistElmo

  3. Well if Aquaman takes off the beard and Rambo (?) gets a haircut, I think we found the perfect people to play Mitt and Ann Romney in their Lifetime movie.

  4. These guys don’t make much of an impression.

  5. I was trying to think of a common theme between the sad Rambo and the sad Aquaman and then I realized it was right in front of me — abject failure.

  6. So you’re telling me that when Joe Sandler is not out there writing Grammy-worthy songs about donating organs, he’s NAILING Rambo impersonations? Is there anything this guy CAN’T do (well, aside from observing even the most basic levels of human hygiene)?!

  7. Say, “Geeeeeeez, what now?”

  8. are we sure this isn’t Entourage: A Summation in Two Images

  9. Meanwhile, at the Hall of Unemployment…

  10. Keanu Reeves is Aquaman and Rambo

  11. I hardly recognized them posing without tourists in jorts.

  12. What’s funny is that despite having more above the neck hair than any human on the planet, Aquaman still feels that it’s important to shave his legs.

  13. “Even some of our nations heroes have chosen to become part of Obama’s 47%…”
    -Mitt Romney

  14. That Aquaman looks unnervingly like Ted Mosby.

  15. Looks like Snooki and that page guy from 30 rock

  16. Their science could use some tightening up.

  17. Who doesn’t like a little seaman to liven up a party?

  18. Is this the web forum for posting special notes about politics? I want to know if the correlation between states that pay the least in taxes – the states which vote republican – are the people Romney was talking about in regards to the 47% non- tax payer population that he thinks won’t vote for him. Did he mean that republicans aka old people on social security and medicare, will not vote for him? Because if that’s what he was saying then I think he might be wrong, I think those people might actually vote for him. Not sure if this is a good caption for Snooki and Aqua Man but you go to the blog with the trolls you have.

    • I think he means the people (47%) who would be offended if they saw the video of him talking shit about 47% of people. If you are confused, don’t worry, because Mr. Obama is also confused. He apparently thought that Mr. Romney was talking about the 47% of people who voted for Mr. McCain back in ’08. But he wasn’t. He was talking about the 47% of people who would be offended if they saw the video of him talking shit about 47% of people. Apparently, that 47% includes every person who visits this site and posts comments except for this one guy. But he probably isn’t voting for Mr. Romney, either. But I’ll tell you one thing, this whole video fiasco is going to be like stuffy white guy Woodstock. There were probably like 1,000 people at that dinner, but something like 100,000 stuffy white guys are going to claim to have been there. And about eighteen years from now, some douchy fraternity rusher is going to claim to have been born in the ladies pisser at that dinner. Good times, man, good times.

      • I don’t get it

        • You are not alone.

          • Oh, you again, how original. But monkeys with eyes do things that they see other monkeys (with or without big eyes) doing. First order troll, though, Steve.
            Re: “Not getting it” as an actual response to a post and not a troll of a troll of a troll:
            First, you are imposing a logical fallacy on this thread by correlating states (collectively) which contribute less tax revenue to individuals who contribute no federal income tax revenue. Mitt himself was imposing a logical fallacy on his audience by misrepresenting a statistic. Both of you are perfectly “legit” (to use a monkey-word) because, Steve, you are an unapologetic troll and Mitt is an unapologetic politician. So, perfectly forgivable for you two peas to butcher statistics in favor of proving some vague point (I guess in your case, Stevie, to troll for up votes by saying something that you knew would resonate with your audience. . .Hey, wait a minute, Steve! Or should I say, Mitt!?). What I “don’t get” is a) how it has become socially acceptable to just manipulate statistics for one’s own purposes, b) how unevenly people can interpret an event. But still, Steve, good trolling. And, monkeyface, you’re cute.

        • He’s full of brown acid. (obscure woodstock reference, you guys.)

  19. Is that an M-60 in your pocket or are you just happy to see me write this check while my kids kick you in the nads?

  20. Yo, you like fish sticks?

  21. I think you should know up front, I have Ich.

  22. They tried to get Gwyneth Paltrow’s kids as models, but she’ll only let them impersonate French and Spanish celebrities.

  23. They call me Cowboy Gil, as in guil-ty. I saw Fake Rambo and Aquaman. I didn’t like the look on their faces. It was like this…

    … so I killed them. I blew holes in them this big. Actually they were about this big. You know, when I think about it, those holes were about THIS BIG! And their guts were spilled out all over the floor. As I was walkin’ away, I slip around on their guts. A couple of other people came by and started slippin’ on their guts too. After I blow holes in some people and slip around on their guts… afterwards, I always like to make balloon animals. That’s mighty courteous of you. Here we go…. (twist, twist, twist)… your lower intestines.

  24. Is it just me, or does the Aquaman look a bit like a youthful Norm MacDonald? The culprit behind this optical illusion? You guessed it: Frank Stallone.

    • Whatever, Norm was the best Weekend Update correspondent ever. Yeah, go ahead an make an argument for Seth, then head over to your One Direction concert (Though it was better when Amy was on. Man, you still can’t believe they got a divorce [She and Will, not Seth]). Or argue for Jimmy and put your toddler (whose name is so clever, but to be honest you just copied your wife’s cousin’s kid’s name, but really you guys had considered that name already, but family get togethers are still a little awkward) to bed. Or argue for Dennis and wish that you weren’t balding because then that hot blond at the bar would actually acknowledge your presence, I mean, Jesus, she didn’t even thank you for the drink.

  25. I just want to vouch for one of the fake Johnny Depps. My nephew sent me a Flat Stanley, and I brought it down there for a photo with Captain Jack Sparrow. I was dreading it, but he ended up being genuinely funny and nice.”I do a lot of Flat Stanleys,” he said. Also he had a cute girl pirate assistant who I wanted to hit on, but that was difficult, and there was a giant Huckabeast there, which was great.

    The nearest Spiderman, however, was a creepy asshole.

  26. The Comic-Can’t Convention

  27. Son calls mom to tell her he’s made it.

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