• Arnold Schwarzenegger’s crowdsourced memoir, Total Recall: My Unbelievably True Life Story has a trailer, obviously, and it is perfect, obviously.  -EW
  • A sneak peek at next season’s Parks and Recreation was released online today, and I’ll tell you what, it looks like it’s going to be VERY GOOD! No duh! Plz take the batteries out of your “no duh” alarms before watching! -PopCultureBrain
  • Ah, we have two music videos from Stereogum that you guys are probably going to be interested in today! The first is a video for Nick Lowe’s “Stoplight Roses,” featuring Paul F. Tompkins wandering around. Ch-ch-check it out! -Stereogum
  • The next video is great too! You may remember the Tom Sharpling-directed video for Aimee Mann’s “Charmer” from last month — do you? — and the duo are back at it again with a video for her song “Labrador.” Jon Hamm is in this one! So is Jon Wurster! (SO IS TED LEO AT A POINT!) Cool vid. -Stereogum
  • Oh, here’s a bit of legal news for all you law-brains out there — FX is being sued for copyright infringement over The League. Two writers think they ripped off their show (or movie) (or whatever) The Commissioner. We’ll see! Who knows! -Deadline
  • Here’s something that seems dumb and unnecessary but is probably actually fine: The Douche Journals: The Definitive Account of One Man’s Genius! It’s a book “written by” Schmidt from New Girl. I don’t know. I do love that show, though. -THR
  • “Sony Pictures Animation has picked up the movie rights to Manimal, a short-lived 1983 NBC series, and is developing the project as a live action/CG hybrid film.” Ask your grandparents how you should feel about this. -FilmDrunk
  • David Chen, of SlashFilm, recorded a special edition of their Breaking Bad podcast focused on Dave Porter’s original score. Listen to it! Especially if you like Breaking Bad and the music of Breaking Bad! -SlashFilm
  • Jennifer Aniston is in a commercial for SmartWater where she “makes fun of” a few of the “rumors” that have been said about her life. Uh…huh. -Dlisted
  • And, finally, here’s a Gallery Girls video recap, because some of us watched two episodes of it last week and now it’s kind of a sad area of interest. -HyperVocal
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  2. Gallery Girls is amazing and horrible! Some of them can’t even form complete sentences and I can’t stop watching it!

  3. OMG Aimee Mann – I love the song Labrador! I love the video for Voices Carry, it was very seminal in my development! I remember the premiere and thinking, wow it had a plot and her hair is AMAZING. I want a braided rat tail and a spiky mess on top. I wanted it so bad but my hair was too curly. Now Aimee redid the video and I am super happy with the result. Time has gone full circle. I suppose this is it? bye guys?…?

  4. Can an Automan movie be far behind??? Am I right, grandmas and grandpas?

  5. Schmidt’s ‘Douche Journal’ sounds like a straight-up rip-off of Dennis Reynolds’ ‘Dennis Reynolds: An Erotic Life.’

    Dennis, get your tools. You’ll need your tools. NOBODY steals your essence.

  6. Is Gabe in the music videos?

  7. I thought it said Glimore Girls and now I am sad that it did not.

    But seriously, why is Gilmore Girls not on netflix?


    Also Cop Rock..

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