Once a year, Jon Stewart and Bill O’Reilly get into it and everyone is like “can you believe it” even though they should believe it because it’s happened before. This year it is happening too. Can you believe it?

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  1. Who should play Jon Stewart and Bill O’Reilly in the inevitable movie of their life?

  2. If there was a graph of smugness over time I bet that there would be a red line (o’rielly) that starts really high up on the graph and kind of goes along parallel to the x access for the most part and then the blue line (stewart) would start somewhere in the middle (because let’s be honest you need to be a little smug to get on tv) and it would scoot along for a bit while slowly rising as it moves to the right, then all of a sudden (right around 2008) it would skyrocket past the red line and break the ceiling of the graph where it would live forever in a cloud of smuggy non-self-aware peace. I hate that f’n graph.

    This was your math lesson for the day, A+ everyone, good work.

    • Can you add Stephen Colbert to this graph? He started as this (admittedly funny) one note cardboard character, but has turned his show into something much funnier, more insightful, and surprisingly educational than anything that’s been on the Daily Show for many years.

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