As we go through our days, it’s always possible that we may run into something that will tempt us to lose control over our emotions or bodies: A traffic jam, an annoying coworker, a dent in your car that wasn’t there before, a long line at Starbucks, Michael Jackson’s “Thriller,” a bed to jump and dance on with your sister — we all know the possibilities. But what we have to remember is that we must always stay in control. Imagine yourself watching the scene from a distance. Don’t let it get away from you. Breathe. (Via RatsOff!)

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  1. Just one of the many areas in which Kelly and Eminem have a difference of opinion.

  2. Little kids always look kinda drunk to me.

  3. I have said it before, but it is no less true for that: children really are just shrunken drunk adults, aren’t they?

  4. Falling off the bed is our generation’s trampoline accident.

  5. Imagine if you could get so irritated by a co-worker that you just lose control of your bowels, that would be pretty awesome

  6. Not gonna lie, I winced at the end of this. So, um, good job, video?

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