OUR generation’s “Someone Like You.” (Via RopertPopper.)

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  1. Too bad he can’t give away pure talent.

  2. Adam Sandler learned everything from his uncle Joe

  3. Forget the organs, I just want his collection of filthy clothing.

  4. he really missed an opportunity to have accompaniment on the organ.

  5. The choreographer killed it on this one.

  6. “Remember – the life that is saved could be yours!”

    For a guy who’s so enthusiastic about organ donation, he seems a little ignorant on some of the finer points.

  7. Donating your organs is for suckers. Doesn’t this guy have any idea how much a pancreas goes for on the black market?!

  8. Kim Kardashian is an organ donor, but she plans to only give away 10% of her kidney and keep the rest for herself.

  9. Tim and Eric moebius inception band.

  10. Another successful alumnus of the Sarantos Acting School.

  11. Do they harvest man boobs? They should because it’d be a shame to let Joe Sandler’s jiggling ones go to waste.

  12. Dibs on hands and thighs

  13. This guy! What a treasure! Check out his really fantastic (I’m so sure, I didn’t watch it but I’m like super sure it’s great ) video entitled “Lickity Clit Doosh” described as “Funny video about the dangers of smelly pussy.” WHAT A GREAT CATCH FOR ALL THE SINGLE LADIES.

  14. His moobs tho.

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