• I bet if this new Skyfall poster didn’t have text on it you would have NO idea what movie it was advertising. Right? “Is Daniel Craig in a new movie about suits and guns? What’s up with this thing?” That’s what you’d say I bet. -SlashFilm
  • The Master did a very good job at getting people to see The Master his past weekend, at its limited screenings. Did you go? If not, want to go next weekend when it’s at more theaters? Great. -FilmDrunk
  • Lindsay Lohan, new queen of Twitter and my heart, tweeted some TRUTH about now differently Nickelodeon childhood stars and Disney childhood stars are treated by law enforcement. DON’T BACK DOWN, LINDS. -Dlisted
  • Hey listen up I got some TV industry news4U! Jim Gaffigan, comedian, is doing a pilot for CBS for a single-camera comedy about his life as a dad of 5 kids. That might be interesting? It might be anything. That’s the best thing about TV industry news. -AVClub
  • Ben Folds Five released a video for their new single “Do It Anyway” today, and the video has all the Fraggles from Fraggle Rock in it. I don’t know why. I’m sure there’s a reason! -Stereogum
  • Jimmy Fallon overdubbed the Lincoln trailer with a Pee-Wee Herman voice on Late Night and it is very good. A+. -Uproxx
  • Aww. The writer of Oogieloves has written something in defense of Oogieloves. Give! Oogieloves! A chance! Whatever they are!  -Movieline
  • [SPONSORED LINK] Intel and Acer have gotten together with Keifer Sutherland to figure out how to make explosion cupcakes with a computer. (You’ll get it.) (When you see it you’ll get it.) -Acer
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  1. I clicked on the sponsored link because I like this site and I want Gabe and Kelly to be able to put food on their families.

    That being said, this seems like a great time to tell Kiefer Sutherland stories. One time I saw him at a bar and he was very, very drunk. Later, that bar was used as an exterior shot for a car insurance ad. Also that bar is also a restaurant and they serve really good lentil soup.

    • I don’t have any personal stories, but he now reminds me of this TV drama actor round table thing which is wonderful because it also has Juan Jamon and Kelsey Grammar and the guy from Homeland, and it’s a nice mix of smug jerks and nice guys awkardly nodding at smug jerks:


      So delightfully uncomfortable!

    • fuck yeah lentil soup!

    • Oh yay! I have one.

      So I was at a bar on a Friday night in Santa Barbara when I was in school, and apparently the bar was a frequent haunt for Kiefer, my main man. I went to use the bathroom at the same time as Kiefer, and at that point the bar was nearly empty (9:30pm, I suppose, is an early time to go out in SB. Not for Kiefer and I, though!). I was peeing, he was peeing. He glanced over and started talking to me about what I was studying and how he though English Majors are great because he loves poetry and things of that nature. And I said, “it’s okay.” And he said, “Aw, man. You gotta love what you do.” with a slight slur in his speech. And I agreed. And we then washed our hands together and said our farewell. And opened the bathroom door to a hallway full of people waiting outside the Men’s bathroom in a disgusting bar just so they could get his autograph or whatever the Santa Barbarians do. I just slipped past everyone and finished my beer and left.

      At this point I’d say, “Cool story, bro!” jokingly, but in reality all of my friends (mostly bros) said those exact words earnestly.

    • I don’t have a story about him, but my MUM does (my mum thinks I’m cool, guys);

      My mum met Kiefer at a premiere party for one season of 24 since she worked for one of the show’s sponsors. The next day, Kiefer was arrested for a DUI. The b-roll going aound on some entertainment news websites about this showed him standing at the party with my mother, who was holding not one but two cocktails. Needless to say, it was great, especially since my mum rarely drinks and was only doing so at the party to keep up appearances, but now it looks like she’s saucing up Kiefer.

    • My favourite Kiefer Sutherland story is that his grandfather introduced universal health care in Canada.

  2. GUYS. This is the first chapter of Moby Dick. As read by TILDA SWINTON. DREAMS DO COME TRUE.


  3. That Ben Folds Five video is the best, especially the ending


  5. “If you have never been to a Waffle House, just imagine a gas station bathroom…that sells waffles.” – Jim Gaffigan.

    That is the absolute perfect description of Waffle House, and I will love Jim Gaffigan forever for it. So I will give his new show a shot, despite CBS’s general trend of the worst comedies.

  6. They finally made a Gunsuit movie? Such good news, I heard Daniel Craig was the final holdout. I hope it can live up to the TV series.

  7. Here’s my Keifer story! Once, he was in a commercial, that, by itself, was pretty badass and worth watching, but did nothing to sell me on the product it was supposed to promote.

    I have the same story about Mikhail Gorbachev.

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