That’s why you don’t invite “aspiring comedian” Max Rice on your garbage liar TV show — HE WILL PRANK YOU THE F UP! With large gaps between words and no discernible political or comedic agenda and slightly condescending remarks about your history in the pageant circuit! Don’t mess with this guy, he is sharp as a tack! And apparently definitely don’t let him interact with any humans on set or even on the telephone before you put him on the TV I’m sure he’s fine let’s GO GO GO! (Via Deadline.)

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  1. Who are these so-called “Friends” who are listed in the title, but are clearly not a part of Fox? Is it these guys?

  2. You look good Tucker Carlson, it’s Gretchen, right Greta my bad

  3. Is that not how interviews on Fox & Friends usually go?

  4. So we’ve covered someone who is voting for Romney because he lost a bet. Now let’s find someone who is doing it as a goof.

  5. Wow was he cool.

  6. Do you think it would be hard to be Gretchen Carlson? She’s intellectually very smart and has to play this idiot every damn day, even if she believes the nonsense. Maybe she is just evil?

    • Or just likes to have lots and lots of money?

    • Normally I agree with you vis-a-vis evil, but in this case I like the way she gets fed up right away and points out that he is unemployed and lives with his parents. She shuts him down adroitly.

      • From the clips I see on VG and the Daily Show and other things, she seems to have become increasingly frustrated with her producers than before. Of course, I’m only basing this on stuff that would get picked up by other people so maybe not??? But this seems like one of those shutting the kid down then yelling at her EP off camera about not vetting him before an interview. She walked off stage a few months ago for some blatantly sexist behavior. And I’m sure there are other options, I just sort of forget them as a coping mechanism… and because they’re sandwiched between the standard idiotic patter that just spews out blatant lies and misinformation.


  8. Idiot. He forgot to yell “Baba Booey!”.

  9. Funny … ummm … joke I guess?

    I dislike Fox News as much as the next guy but what the f was that? Did he have all kinds of material planned but then got nervous and clammed up? That was awful.

  10. “I think I’m doing aight, I’m on national TV!” -Mitt Romney

  11. Also, fake and gay.

  12. At least Ryan Lochte was able to answer a question, even if the answer sounded like it was written by a rock.

  13. I think he did a really good job of representing the average american college student. More eloquent than Ryan Lochte.

  14. Honestly this clip reminds me of the brilliant Kelly Conaboy description of a sitcom about “a young comedian struggling to ‘make it’ on Twitter and you just hate this guy so much.”

  15. For all the effort it must’ve taken to get on the show in the first place, you’d think he would have spent more time working up his prank game. I mean, there should have at least been some whoopie cushion action or something. Wasted opportunity.

  16. I thought this was pretty juvenile, like someone calling a call-in show and saying “Penis” and hanging up. Most of the other interviews on Fox News are way funnier

  17. Hmmm… maybe this makes him seem less douchey and weird? Maybe? I can’t decide for sure:

    • “When you start selling Cheetos, you know you’ve hit rock-bottom.” -Max Rice

      But seriously, what a back-handed way of sticking it to the man. I wish he conducted the interview with a bit more poise to really get his point across. People will now just see this as a stoned frat guy acting confused.

      • Yeah, but anyone paying attention will note the ineptitude of Fox News, and also the transparency with which they generate stories to drive their own narrative (er, excuse me, the Romney campaign’s narrative). Of course, that would exclude most of Fox’s regular viewers.

        • I actually liked the way “unemployed, lives with parents” was a selling point that validated the guy’s pro-Republican awakening — until they realized he was yanking them around, and then abruptly “unemployed, lives with parents” became a way to discredit him. It was a deft shut-down from Miss America but also Oof, that is the propaganda of Fox in a nutfuckingshell. There’s no interest in realty, just in “how can we make our side look good and theirs look bad?”

    • The kid is not a great comedian, to be sure, but I thought this was pretty funny. The whole narrative they were trying to sell is ridiculous – why would you listen to some random person who voted for Obama but is now “disillusioned”? (It just feeds some Fox fantasy that isn’t a real demographic trend, like when my taxi driver claimed that “even black people” are disappointed in Obama.)

      So, I liked…

      1) “It’s actually a funny story…” something a person might say in real life but is totally inappropriate for the interview…


      2) “I’m on national TV, I feel like I’m doing good…”

      I had this fantasy that maybe he acted like a very articulate rocket scientist on the phone, but based on what he says on TPM and the youtube footage of his act that’s dubious. If he just could have come up with a few more dumb but ambiguous things to say to string it along it could have been a home run.

      • His comedy is debatable, for sure, but the point about how Fox News creates a narrative and then goes out to find ways to support that narrative instead of, you know, reporting the news, is really interesting. I mean, we all knew that’s their thing, but here it is in action.

        • I never really understand why anyone who truly believes their side is the best would resort to lying to promote it. Isn’t that a tacit admission that your side isn’t the best, if you think promoting it depends on obscuring facts about it and the competition?

          • Generally speaking, someone who is willing to go to any lengths to achieve their ends justifies it by assuming that everyone else is doing the same thing. The reason that, for example, voter suppression laws are justified by the voter fraud thing is a combination of cynical strategy (supress the groups that vote mostly for the other guys, and the margin change could be enough to win) but also the paranoia of a guilty mind (we’d do voter fraud if we were them).

            The expression goes: No man looks under a bed that has not hidden there himself. It also sort of materializes itself in the many “I’m rubber and you’re glue” attack ads where they basically assign their biggest flaw to their opponent in an attempt to make it so that when people point out the obvious, less informed viewers will just see it as “they are all the same” instead of “one is actually this way, but the other is only being accused falsely because the other one is insecure about it …”

  18. What a fucking ASSHOLE. He went on the show and made fun of it instead of writing 2000 words to make fun of it. Yup ASS-HOLE!

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