You hear a lot these days about people going a bit too far to get certain “scoops.” Like how People magazine crashed Blake Lively’s wedding to get the scoop about whether or not it looked like a normal wedding or like some kind of weird, I don’t know, maybe circus wedding or like a witches ceremony or like the kind of a wedding where everyone dresses like members of Kiss or whatever. Or there’s the example of how that French tabloid printed photos of topless Kate Middleton from when she was at a fancy, secluded chateau. On one hand it’s like, sure, EVERYONE want so know whether her boobs are just kind of normal boobs, or whether once you become a princess your boobs turn into glowing gold with crystals all over them, but that does NOT mean you should crash her vacation and invade her privacy and PUT IT ON A MAGAZINE. What if the glowing gold and crystals don’t even show up on camera? You must consider that as well. What you’re about to see is a reporter doing exactly this type of thing, but on camera, and to a baby. Get your children out of the room — this is going to be quite shocking.


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  1. Oshkosh B’Gotcha Journalism.

  2. Don’t babies basically cry randomly and for basically imperceptible reasons?

    I mean, this guy just, out of the gate starts weirdly implying that the baby is stupid, which is weird, but it’s not like the baby understood that and cried because of it.

    Maybe the baby was tired? Or maybe it needed it’s diaper changed?

    What I’m saying is I don’t think this is really on the same level of intrusion as the Kate MIddleton thing.

  3. Your instinct is correct, baby. Cry until he goes away. He’s an ass.

  4. That reporter was completely off-base. That baby looked much more like Doc Brown from Back to the Future than he looked like Albert Einstein.

  5. Maybe that baby just hates physics. Or cantaloupes.

  6. great promo for WAHH Channel 13 Iowa City.

  7. “I’m pooping” – That Baby

  8. That Einstein impression made me cry too.

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