Whoa, a brand new Krispy Kreme jam to start off the week?! YGTBKM. Let’s make this one count, everybody. #shoutout2denzelwashington

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  1. I never thought I’d say it’s too early for Krispy Kreme…

  2. Sorry Double K, but Harrison Ford played both Han Solo and Indiana Jones.

  3. Hey, Anne Heche was pretty good in “John Q.”… Where’s her hip hop ode?

  4. You know you spend too much time online when you understand what “YGTBKM” means within five seconds.

  5. I don’t know what else to say except I genuinely love this guy.

  6. So, I’m new to Krispy Kreme. Are they like the Penn and Teller of southern adolescent rap?

  7. i wonder if Krispy Kreme can update the Monster Theme.

  8. Krispy Kreme is the best way to start a Monday. Love these guys. Also I want Denzel to join there crew, if only to help them thwart James.

  9. Geez, Kreme, how about a big “SPOILER ALERT” next time. Was just about to tuck in for a Denzel marathon but what’s the point now that I know how all his movies end?

  10. Is Money Maker Mike getting younger? Does he have Benjamin Button Disease?

    Also, I appreciate a return to the lower budget style music video that made Krispy Kreme’s name. Good to get back to your roots sometimes. Don’t let the glare of the limelight make you forget where you came from. Shout out to Denzel Washington. Shout out to Tupac. Everybody misses you.

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