Two of my very good friends are getting married this weekend, and so I am sitting on a cross-country flight to attend their wedding. (That’s right, I have friends. Jealous?) Do you even understand what I am telling you right now? I am blogging from the sky! Obviously, in-flight Internet is not exactly a new invention (although in the scheme of, like, dinosaurs until today it is VERY new) but it is also one of those things that you do have to give it up for every once in awhile. You know what I mean? We’ve gotten to the point where we are ANNOYED about the iPhone 5 because it has a new power connector when the fact of the matter is that 10 years ago the iPhone 5 would have destroyed the planet because everyone’s minds would have literally (literally) exploded out of their eyeballs. GUYS, THINGS ARE PRETTY COOL THESE DAYS TOO. I’m just saying: take a moment and check some of this stuff out! It’s not so bad! Here I am, a hundred feet in the sky (give or take) and I can read a blog post about how Jessica Alba and Olivia Munn wore SIMILAR DRESSES on the SAME DAY in NEW YORK CITY. So dope. Great blog post. Good to keep up with things. Let’s never be out of touch. (Actually, now that we are talking about it, in-flight Internet is also pretty much the worst thing ever. Can’t we stop for two seconds? Like, another nice thing about cross country flights is turning your phone off, too. I guess it’s all a bit of a balancing act.) Who wore it better? Jessica Alba? Olivia Munn? Or THE FUTURE? Take our poll:

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  1. “Thank you for calling your poll ‘Who Wore It Better?’ instead of Who Wore It Best?’ because it’s simply incorrect to use the superlative when only two things are being compared,” said an old person. (Full disclosure: That old person is me.)

    • Oh, wait, it’s three things, isn’t it: Olivia Munn, Jessica Alba, and the Future? That means that the superlative is totally appropriate. Sorry. I’m just going to go do my Jane Fonda fitness tape now. Where are my liver pills?

  2. Steve Winwood is so excited right now

  3. So Gabe is very good friends with Jessica Alba and Olivia Munn and they’re getting married this weekend??!?! Crazy!!!!!

  4. although in the scheme of, like, dinosaurs until today it is VERY new

    Are you saying dinosaurs didn’t have the internet? I’m not sure I follow you.

  5. They are wearing two different dresses. The sleeves on Jessica Alba’s dress are cuter.

  6. Where’s the slot to put the money for inflight wifi access? In your neighbor’s shoe? The toilet?

    Was the wifi password “password”?

  7. I like to think that we are still in the past in a way. Like think how much technology has advanced since 10 years ago, and then think how much more it will have advanced 10 years from now. I can’t even process how batshit the iPhone 15 is going to be.

  8. I saw and read the “this week in movie trailers” post when it accidentally went up earlier so I’ve technically been to the future and there are trailers EVERYWHERE. It’s beautiful.

  9. Do you have any more pictures?

  10. Not gonna lie, I read the first sentence and thought “man, that sucks. Does Gabe have to choose which wedding to go to?”

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