This morning as part of their “Today Takes On” series, where the Today Show crew tries new things, the gang painted their interpretations of live nude models with an instructor. This is the salient one minute of that. I don’t know if this is the most times the word “genitalia” or “genitals” have been used on Today, but dear lord I hope so:

“Brave, brave Al.” I actually think Matt Lauer is pretty funny in that clip, to be honest. Please please please Today Show, can a drunk Kathie Lee do it next? (Here’s the entire segment, but why would you want to see that? It’s funnier when it’s just everyone trying to look serious about “being afraid of genitals.”) (Via The Soup.)

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  1. Evan  |   Posted on Mar 12th, 2009 +2

    It’s always funny to watch people taking figure drawing/painting classes for the first time. They’re so awkward and always either completely avoid the penis or make it way too big. Same with breasts on women.

    I at one point was guilty of the “I’m going back into later” line as well..haha

  2. Al Roker is frighteningly aggressive about his art.

  3. i kept track of my record during figure drawing… if you have to draw a fella’s beans, its a loss… if his back is to you, or he is covering himself or is otherwise obstructed, its a win… if you see it, but can avoid drawing it, a tie. i think i had a winning record on the year

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