Jonathan Banks’ portrayal of Mike Ehrmentraut on Breaking Bad is great. Everyone loves it. One of the best portrayals of a sweet, kind-hearted, murderous ex-cop deeply involved in the production and distribution of meth that I have ever seen. So it makes sense that at this point everyone (or, at least, the shows on NBC on Thursday night) is going to want to grab some of that sweet, sweet Jonathan Banks action for themselves. Right? It is right, look at this I’ll prove it to you, from TVFix:

Mike Ehrmentraut is coming to “Parks and Recreation.”

In an episode of the fifth season of “Parks and Rec,” Jonathan Banks from “Breaking Bad” will play the father of Adam Scott’s character, Ben Wyatt.

“We were working the character description of Ben’s dad,” explains “Parks” co-creator Mike Schur, “and I said aloud, ‘He should act like Mike Ehrmentraut.’ So somebody said, ‘Well, why can’t we just get Jonathan Banks?’”

Schur is a huge “Breaking Bad” fan, as are the rest of his writers.

That. Is. Going to be great! Can you even imagine having a job where you get to say something like, “Ok let’s hire, oh, I don’t know, someone from Breaking Bad, ehhh, well, I don’t know I can’t really think of anybody but ok let’s bring Aaron Paul in.” And then Aaron Paul comes in and he’s at your job or whatever? I cannot imagine. So. Ben Wyatt’s dad is a perfect role for Jonathan Banks, but is it YOUR perfect role for Jonathan Banks?! If no: WHAT IS YOUR DREAM ROLE FOR JONATHAN BANKS? Let me know! Mine is Sarah’s theater teacher on Parenthood. We have fun here.

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  1. Jonathan Banks is our generation’s Andy Serkis.

  2. I vote for evil client in The Good Wife. Would also accept him as a judge on Project Runway.

  3. The Dude’s father in The Big Lebowski 2, obviously.

  4. I vote for the father of the dean on Community.

  5. Wait til you meet the new CEO of Entertainment 720.

  6. Kaiser or Cinnamon, maybe? I’d like to see him as everything in Dr. Strangelove, but particularly the George C. Scott role.

  7. He could replace Bruce Willis in Die Hard 5: Get Rich or Die Hard Trying

  8. Videogum Guest Editor

    • When someone in the Videogum corporate headquarters says, “Ok let’s hire, oh, I don’t know, someone from Breaking Bad,” it’s got to be Aaron Paul. The plea is right there in the write-up.

  9. A denizen of the Black Lodge.

  10. Ciabatta.

    no, but seriously, it’s role, not roll.

  11. The Jonathan Banks Roll would clearly be pumpnickel and a huge hit at the Breaking Bad Bakery.

    • Idunno, I tend to think pumpernickel would be Saul’s roll. Or is that too stereotyped?

      • Hahah, perhaps he’d choose it even though he admitted early on he’s not even Jewish, he just claims to be. Maybe that would be a fitting roll for Saul, then, but I see pumpernickel as a tasty, old person kind of bread to have.

  12. MTV’s newest VJ

  13. OK guys, now they changed the headline and we all look completely ridiculous. That’s fine with me.

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