UPDATE: apparently this story is “fake.” Well, you know what, you got me again, Internet!

Oh, man, come ON! Someone stole a bunch of DVDs, which already, dude, those aren’t your DVDs. If you want a DVD, just buy it, or download it illegally from the Internet like everyone else (except for us, because we have never downloaded anything illegally, because we are upstanding members of the Internet community and we would never condone or participate in that behavior but we read a trend piece about it in Mother Jones magazine). Not only did this person steal a bunch of DVDs, but they stole ALL of the DVDs there were to steal, like, there was a pile of DVDs and now there are no DVDs, which is a very bold theft to just take everything (although, and again, not to get into what kinds of crimes we do and do not support because the answer is we don’t support ANY crimes whatsoever, stop crimes, but if you are going to steal something I guess you might as well steal all of it because you’re a thief and that’s your job). OH DID I MENTION THAT THE DVDs WERE STOLEN FROM THE TEXAS CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL CANCER CENTER? Sometimes, you guys. Sometimes I oughta! That is just ridiculous. Not even just from a hospital, but from a children’s hospital, and not even just from a children’s hospital, but from the CANCER WARD at the children’s hospital? Drop dead. I hope whoever did this realizes they are being a bad person and spends the rest of their long and healthy life trying to make up for it. Anyway, please send your old DVDs to this address:

Layla Grace Foundation
12320 Barker Cypress Rd
Suite 600 #264
Cypress, Tx 77429

Says TheSuperficial: “They’ll be collecting through the end of September. Keep the DVDs rated G/PG. Amazon gift cards are welcome and if you’re worried about sending duplicates, they’ll send the extras to other parts of the children’s hospital.” So do that, please. Thank you.

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  1. This is awful. This is far worse than the time Lex Luthor stole forty cakes. That’s as many as four tens. And that was terrible!

  2. My #1 suspect for all burglaries nowadays are this seagull

    • Haha I can never stay mad at that seagull. Ha!

      Wait, a children’s hospital cancer ward? Oh Christ. SEAGULL! That is not cool. You can’t even eat DVDs!

  3. “Oh my gosh, this is just like the time I left my favorite lipstick at one of my other houses!” -Kim Kardashian

  4. In all seriousness, can we all please send them an Amazon gift card? Even if it’s only for a couple bucks, just send them one. You can do it sitting at your computer!

    • That is a long way for me to mail something, but it reminds me that I do have some DVDs I never watch. AND I have a children’s hospital in my town. I should donate them there!

  5. F yeah, I’m about to go Totoro on these kids.

  6. “Send them books instead!” –some horrible person

  7. Well this is horrible, but I gotta be honest, I’m happy to have a place to send all the stuff my well-meaning but misguided parents have given me over the years. Here you go, kids, have season 4 of Everybody Loves Raymond on DVD! Sorry, though, it’s ONLY season 4, for some reason.

    Do you think they need music, too? I happen to have an Everything Everclear Has Ever Recorded you can have!

  8. Finally, after upgrading to the blu rays, a chance to unload my Ozu Criterions.

  9. Someone get these kids a copy of Home Alone, stat. Maybe they’ll pick up some pointers in case the thief comes back; frankly, I think that person deserves to take a couple of paint cans to the forehead.

  10. I just realized I’m too old to have old children’s DVDs lying around. My Zoobilee Zoo VHS tapes will just have to continue languishing in the corner, gathering dust until the heat death of the universe.

  11. Stealing from kids with cancer is so very 1%.

  12. Also, what DVDs are in the cancer ward at a children’s hospital that an adult thief would want anyways? “Oh man, I have been dying to see The Lion King 2: Simba’s Pride for years now! This is the perfect crime!” – No criminal ever

  13. Hope they like Tae Bo!

  14. He should go back and steal their cancer instead… that’d make up for it.

  15. Hey, what happened to all my Friends DVDs? -My Wife Tonight

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