It’s Friday. We post movie trailers on Friday. Here are the movie trailers:


Am I the only one who isn’t falling for the hype about this movie? Like, I hope this movie is SPECTACULAR, and with Steven Spielberg and Daniel Day Lewis it very well might be, and I might even see it in the theater and that might even happen on opening weekend, and this trailer looks just like a Hollywood big budget Spielberg movie about Lincoln should look, but I still also don’t actually “care.” It just seems like there’s some kind of marketing push that is like “American Teens Can’t Get Enough Abraham Lincoln!” and this dude ain’t buyin’ it. The proof in the pudding is in the Lincoln. But I hope the pudding is delicious! I’m not saying I won’t eat that pudding!


Aaron Paul! From the hit show Breaking Bad! And other talented people! This is like OUR generation’s Leaving Las Vegas. I’m sure this movie is going to be pretty good, but also if it is about (and it is definitely about) a couple who only really works when they are drinking together and who fall apart when one of them gets sober, some of us find it hard enough to hold onto any belief that love is possible as it is. I’m just saying that Aaron Paul aside this is still in the Maybe column.

Wreck-It Ralph

Yup. Good. Yes.

Everybody Has a Plan

This looks GREAT! Too bad it isn’t in ENGLISH. Oh well, now I guess no one in the whole world will see it, since no one in the whole world will understand what anyone’s saying. Just kidding, who needs to know the words when you can see evil Viggo Mortensen vs. evil Viggo Mortensen in El Bone Del Winter.

A Late Quartet

It is a testament to how much I enjoy the work of Philip Seymour-Hoffman, Christopher Walken, and Catherine Keener that I didn’t just throw my computer off the roof during this boring ass trailer.

Stand Up Guys

This movie actually looks totally fine. Two great actors. A little bit of Scent of a Woman, a little bit of Grumpy Old Men, a little mobster stuff. His friend has to kill him? That’s good! But I will never be able to see anything that has to do with this movie including the actual movie itself without thinking about this.

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  1. If you go on Youtube, you can find a video of Christopher Walken cooking chicken. That is the entire video, just him cooking a chicken in his kitchen and explaining how he is cooking the chicken. I don’t know why its there, but the fact that it is is hilarious.

  2. “Lincoln, Smashed!” -Hulk

  3. Lincoln looks like a lot of Acting (with a capital A).

    • and I agree Kelly, it looks like something they would have made us go to in Junior High and we would have all been so blase about it and someone would have talked about how so-and-so fingered so-and-so during it and someone would have thrown up from eating too much candy.

      Also, is that Adam from Girls in that one scene?

  4. Cassidy Casablancas from Veronica Mars is in Smashed!

  5. My computer would only play the first 7 seconds of the Quartet trailer. Did I miss anything?

  6. So I’ve seen the Wreck-It Ralph trailer, and I want to know why Jane Lynch’s character looks exactly like her. I mean I like the way she looks, but they didn’t do that for anyone else, did they?

    • I think it’s supposed to be a spoof of this character who, coincidentally, kind of looks like Jane Lynch.

    • It seemed weird that they were apparently able to license a million classic properties, but apparently couldn’t get Call of Duty? Or maybe they just figured “Who cares, it’s just a bunch of random army dudes anyway.”

  7. My dad is very excited about Lincoln. It just looks like the exact movie everyone’s parents want you to see with them when you come home for Christmas.

  8. Okay, so I watched the Lincoln Trailer, and I was like, ‘Huh, they didn’t show one shot of Frederick Douglas? Which Important Actor is portraying Fredrick Douglas?” So I went to the IMDB page to look it up….no Frederick Douglas. Now, correct me if I’m wrong, bat was not Lincoln in fact hardcore bros with Frederick Douglas? Will there be no scene with say, the most well-known eulogy from Lincoln’s funeral? No scene where Lincoln discusses the very issue of ending slavery, highlighted wuite a lot in this trailer, with one Mr. Frederick Douglas?

    What I’m saying is, this film is trash.

  9. I saw Smashed on Wednesday!
    A couple of unnecessary plot points (e.g. extremely offputting comment by Nick Offerman’s character for kinda no reason) and Winstead tends to overdo the acting drunk, but it was still solid.

  10. sally god damn field!!! UGH

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