Do you guys just want to talk about Titanic every day, all day, no stopping ever, not even to eat or to sleep or even to breathe? And then we can pass out together and dream of Titanic? And when we wake up we can talk about our dreams? Let me know!

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  1. That James Cameron is so great and smart. I’m pretty sure he singly-handedly invented the elephant or something. Just such a great talent for inventing extremely useful things like elephants.

  2. Yes I want to talk about it always. And TBH, I always wondered this. I mean, if he were to have stayed on top of her she would have been warmer. His back would have been more exposed to the cold and maybe he would have died but even a recently dead corpse would have been warmer than the air. After he died she could have just shoved him off and let him sink.

  3. “For me, the big question isn’t so much whether Jack and Rose would’ve really fit on that plank, it’s whether those deep-sea salvage guys went right back after that jillion-dollar necklace after the old bitch just threw it in the ocean like a dumbass.”

    Cool article.

  4. “Yes, I do want to talk about Titanic every day. Also I directed Avatar. You’re welcome!” -James Cameron

  5. Also those photos are great. “Why didn’t Jack & Rose just play cards on the raft?!” Thanks, hipsters!

    • I love all the super-angry comments to the article, like poking gentle fun at Cameron’s floating door a crime against humanity.

      • Right, and sometimes things happen because narrative device. Like people who thought Knocked Up was a political movie because she didn’t get an abortion, when in fact, it just wouldn’t have been a movie if she got one.
        If Jack survives, the movie doesn’t work.

  6. I initially read that James Carville was going to explain stuff about Titanic and was super confused…

  7. Everybody knows Jack got onto the raft. We just didn’t find out that twist until the sequel, Revolutionary Road.

  8. Yes, can we talk about Titanic for a minute? Having seen the 3D re-release in theatres (haters to the left), I just could not get over how unfair Rose, and the whole movie really, is to Cal! He is British royalty agreeing to marry a formerly-rich-but-now-penniless American to keep her family out of the poor house and all she can do is complain about how boring he is and flirt openly with vagabond artists after Cal invites them to dinner. And he is supposed to be the villain of the piece because he expects her to behave herself and be nice to him in public and loses his temper when she doesn’t and isn’t. Maybe I’m getting old, or maybe I’m influenced by how incredibly handsome and charming Billy Zane is compared to adolescent Leo, but hey Rose! Stop being an asshole to Cal, he is literally saving your entire family out of what appears to be a genuine affection for you or at the very least your glorious tits! Fucking go with it! Ugh. Teenagers.

    • PS: Billy Zane, call me.

    • I don’t remember the movie super well, but wasn’t he kind of a butthead? And that’s always the answer in movies like this, where you’re supposed to root for the person in a relationship to leave that relationship for someone else. See, e.g., Wedding Crashers. I’m almost surprised there wasn’t a scene where Billy Zane had sex with a waitress in a storage closet and told her his fiance wouldn’t be able to do a thing about it.

      • He does flip a table when she runs off to spend the evening partying belowdecks with Jack. And when she leaves him the naked picture of herself signed by Jack then comes back after having boned him in the car, he slaps her. Domestic abuse is obviously not justifiable, but in a time when women were 100% property she had to have known this would be the probable result of her actions. And he still tried to save her life after, until she ran out of the lifeboat to be with Jack and he lost his head and tried to shoot her. He behaved poorly, for sure, but she definitely pushed him to the edge.

  9. I didn’t read the comments from the actual site that broke this breaking news, but the best Cameron can come up with is “buoyancy”? I know that he’s Mr. Oceanexpertpersonguy, but I’m just not buying into that particular explanation. I would have been a lot better off with, “It’s a fucking movie guys, I mean, come on. Geez.”

  10. “Don’t you think we tried to fit Jack on the raft?” — James Cameron

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